Jul 31

My Yard Guy’s Mother

I have a yard guy because I’m violently allergic to the outdoors. And I don’t like it much either, it turrns out. And my house has a front yard that’s extremely …
vegetatively able:

My current yard guy (having been through a couple not-so-good ones) is James Lewis, for anyone who’s in the RTP area and who wants a good one — email me for a phone number).

I called James’ house today to schedule my next yard service and spoke with someone who I think was his mom. She was just about the sweetest person I’ve had a random conversation with in a great long while. I think she must’ve called me “honey,” “sweetie,” and “angel” all during this one little 3 minute conversation. And she said “Bless you and you have a great afternoon.” And she meant it.

This has thoroughly cheered my afternoon!


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