Oct 07

Vegas Update

Yes, I bought a tiara. I’ve wanted one for eons. And where better to get (and wear for the rest of the day) one than the Vegas strip? (I have *always* wanted a tiara. It seems a crime that I’ve not had one before now.)

The shows were (in order): interesting, but not mind-numbingly wonderful (Zumanity); wonderful in a typically Cirque style (Mystere); and FABULOUS (‘O’). I was just stunned by O… the magic of the water that sometimes wasn’t water, the incredibly moodiness of the whole thing, the almost-impossible acrobatics. Wowsers. I’d go back to Vegas to see that alone.

We did not see any mauling. This is a Very Good Thing, as if we had, I’d probably be rwacked with guilt, wondering what I did to cause that (was my jewelry too sparkly? Did I make an angry face by accident?). Yes, that’s rediculously Gina-centric, but I guarantee you I’d feel guilty nonetheless.

We did see the Smog Hut. (“Hello? Yes, I’d like some smog, please? ooh. Do you have any that’s stinkier than that?”)

I felt compelled to crush the Grand Canyon. (We took a helicopter ride from Vegas down into the canyon, where we had a lovely picnic lunch. Way cool., particularly as I was a Canyon Virgin.)

Unsurprsingly, I was mesmerized by the many many pretty lights. Buzzy, my traveling companion, was not:

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