Oct 14

One last thing

Here’s the bag I made this weekend for Meghan using some really wonderfully terrible 70’s fabirc from my Granny’s stash…

…and here’s a closeup of the same bag showing the fabulous red taffeta lining and the baby-ric-rack-and-button closure.

I haven’t sewn in a Very Long Time, so there were quite a bit of …um.. relearnings (for example, I had forgetting the necessity of using fusible interfacings when you’re trying to make a pocket out of a knit thing which will be sewn onto a non-kint thing. I completely made up the pattern (nto so sure that was a good idea, but anyway) and improvised. I am happy with it, though!

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  1. ex_shemaiah

    Just a hello

    I am Shemaiah from Lordleiter’s site, I thought I’d pop over and see what was going on over here. I love reading your site and really love all the pics! Thanks

    1. gina

      Re: Just a hello

      Well, hi! And thanks for the very kind comment. I am having fun with the site (although at the moment I’m rather frustrated as all the projects I’m working on are Christmas gifts, so I won’t be able to post them until January!)


      1. ex_shemaiah

        Re: Just a hello

        I’m a little jealous. I just realized your account says that it is one of the free accounts. I have a free account but cannot post such cool pictures as yours.

        By the way, haven’t I heard nice things about you from Jenifer?

        1. gina

          Re: Just a hello

          I’m actually putting the pictures on my real web account (http://www.lintqueen.com) and just linking to them from LJ. Don’t know how much HTML you know, but it’s easy peasy: just put There are some other attributes you can put on the tag that control things like alignment, height, width and alt text, but the HTML above will insert an image into your LJ posts.

          (If that doesn’t make sense, let me know & I’ll try to explain better.

          RE: Jennifer… that depends… Jennifer who? (I know about three thousand Jennifers, I think… ;)

          1. gina

            Re: Just a hello

            I shoulda known that LJ would try to interpret my HTML instructions as real HTML… let me try this:

          2. gina

            Re: Just a hello

            Ok, it wouldn’t let me do it… email me at my real address (from website) and I’ll explain in email. Sigh. :)

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