Oct 14


Friday night Meghan and I went to see R.E.M. with front row center seats, courtesy of the R.E.M. fanclub (yah fanclub!). It was a stunning show — lots of old stuff that I really wanted to hear (Nightswimming, Radio Free Europe, So Central Rain), all the new things I love (most notably Bad Day, which is off the In Time album that comes out 10/28), and

*wait for it*

Bill Berry!!!

Background for those of you who don’t like R.E.M. like I do: Bill Berry was (for 17 years or so) the band’s drummer. When he left the band (amicably) he said he was done for good and that he wanted to go be on his farm. He has not played with the rest of the band (Buck, Mills & Stipe) since he retired in 1997, so this was a Great Big Fuzzy.

Furthermore, the nice security guy let me go back to my car for my camera (which was allowed at this show!!!), so I have some great pics of the whole thing:



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