Nov 05

80’s music quiz

I either get a 63 (if I choose “Woodstock”, which is accurate but not really true, and an 87 if I say “Just Say No”)

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  1. franklyvulgar


    I got a 143, but 6 of my “incorrects” were due to incorrect tenses….grrrr….
    I technically only missed 3 (#46, 93, 95 — had NO clue on these)…

    …and #93 is a SCANDAL… there are two correct answers, both from the same Men at Work song. He says “”I come from the land of plenty” AND “”I come from the land down under”, but she only accepts the latter. BOO.

    I’m taking this way too hard, I know.


  2. gina

    I completely agree!

    There were a few of them that were like that for me… and then there were, like, some other ones that when I, like, saw the answers I was all, like “duuuuuuuuuh!!!!”

    (Enough pseudo-valley talk)… I think some of the songs crowded some of the others out of the way. Once I had “Voices Carry” in my head, everything else got jumbled!

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