Dec 15

I hate being a complete dork

I think the worst kind of Doing A Stupid Thing is the kind where you think about doing a Thing (in this case opening a padded mailer envelope by ripping into it with abandon), then thinking that perhaps that’s not such a good idea after all (what if it’s full of messy bits that will fall all over your kitchen floor?), then convincing yourself you’re being silly and paranoid (don’t be rediculous, Gina, it’s an *envelope*, not something messy like a mostly-full vacuum bag), doing the Thing (ripping the mailer open, with abandon, of course), only to discover your weird little paranoia was, in fact, some sort of prescient warning that you had, in great folly, ignored. And there are little grey fuzzy bits (not unlike, BTW, what you might find in a mostly-full vacuum bag) scattered all over your kitchen floor.

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