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Dec 18

My new pet!!!

Jeff gave me Roo for Christmas:

I installed the eyes.  He needed them.  I <3 him.  (I’ve wanted one forever, thanks to thebroomecloset‘s review, but somehow hadn’t gotten around to getting one. 

He’s VERY clever and hasn’t gotten stuck yet, even with all the, ahem, stuff, on my floor.

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Dec 17

(No title)

(1) I have from now until JANURAY 4th off!!!!  (I only found out yesterday that we get the third as the “New Year Holiday day” — Hooray! — and I have too many vacation days left to roll to next year, so I have to burn them).  Am planning on sleeping, reading, sewing, seeing friends and generally relaxing which I understand is Good For You (and which apparently which I didn’t do enough of this year), *except* for the following:

(2) This weekend is the Annual Norman Family Dysfunctional Christmas Shindig so we’re heading for Charlotte.  In addition I’m “doing Christmas” with my Dad (aside from the ANFDCS) and my mom and Grumps.  Busy, but have high hopes for familial harmony.

(3) I am doing family things *this* weekend because on the 23rd, I am heading to Michigan (!!) to meet Team Bacon (actually I’ve met most of them, but I’m meeting the second sister for the first time) and see East Tawas (a place so small that you had to drive a half hour to buy underwear when Jeff was growing up) for two days, then to London (to see the friends Paul and Kate who have the hedgehog and then to Germany to meet up with the BMW riding group for New Years.  This being the first time that I’ve actually “done my own thing” for the holidays (though perhaps exchanging my family stuff for a two-day snapshot of someone else’s  ;-) I am ecstatic (with a tinge of guilt around the edges). 

Happy happy!!! Call or email if you want to do something next M, Tu, Wed or the 3rd, 4th.  :)

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Dec 10

(No title)

So, I had half an update written about thanksgiving at Fearrington (which was lovely) and hadn’t yet started the update on the craft show (which was fun) or my knee (which is much better than expected, being that I didn’t re-tear the MCL as I’d thought, I just strained the ACL, which I’d torn eight years ago while limboing at a wedding reception), but hadn’t posted/finished any of it because of the huge head-cold I managed to get last weekend.  Urgh.  I can’t breathe.  Head full of cotton fluff.

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Dec 02

The good news:

I had a good first day at the show.  Enough happy interested people that I feel pleased and enough of my things to new loving homes that I’m happy.

The bad news:

I busted my knee again.

The good news:

I had loaded in before it happened.

The bad news:


The good news:

Because it was at a high school they had a spare wheelchair they could loan me.

The bad news:

I’m just as bad as driving a wheelchair as I am at driving shopping carts.

The good news:

Mom brought me my crutches and my Vioxx.

The bad news:

Vioxx might make me die.

The good news:

This happened on a day where I could pretty much sit on my rear and be nice all day anyway.

The bad news:

Jeff was in NYC.

The good news:

He was coming home tonight anyway.

all told, I’m still being positive.

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Dec 01

Promise not to laugh…

The oddest things make me anxious… like tonight, I was framing the final Polaroid Emulsion Transfers that I’m taking to the show tomorrow and I get all nervy about signing the mat! So I actually take a spare sheet of paper and write the title and date and my signature out as practice before I sign the real mat. 

I genuinely worry that I’ll spell my name wrong. 

Unfortunately, this, or similarly stupid errors, are not out of the realm of possibility:  a good friend of mine has a photograph that I’d enlarged and framed for him at his request, that I cleverly signed “Edinburgh, Scotland 1988” when the picture was taken in 1998.  I freaked and wanted to correct it when he noticed it, but he wouldn’t allow me to.  Sigh.

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Nov 24

The flyer

(which is nothing I haven’t said already, but it’s kinda cool anyway):

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Nov 21

December Craft Show – Dec. 2-4, Cary, NC

I’ve mentioned this before in a general-sort-of-sometime-in-the-future-sense, but now I suppose it’s time to actually get specific, so….

I’ll be participating in my first craft show (ever!) this December 2-4 at Cary Academy!  This is the second year that CA has held a “Holiday Shoppe” (the extra “e” makes it special!  ;-) and it’s a great chance to get some of your holiday shopping done (and it gives me a chance to temporarily sate my craft addiction!)

All the gory details (when, where, etc.) are below, and you can see a sample (a small sample!) of what I’ll have available here: 

I hope you’ll be able to make it — I’ll be there most of the time (booth-tending), so if you just want to stop by and say “howdy” that’s swell too.  Also please feel free to forward this along to anyone who you think might be interested  :-)

Gory Details:

The show runs

  • Thursday, Dec. 2 11:30am-6:00pm 
  • Friday, Dec. 3 7:30am-9:00 pm 
  • Saturday, Dec. 4 10:00am-4:00pm

and is being held in the SEA building at Cary Academy (map)

Please come!  Please tell me it’s going to be AOK!  (I am *nervous*!)

(And in other news I spend *all weekend* re-doing my website.  I figured out SSIs, a simple javascript *and* CSS.  I am quite pleased with myself.)

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Nov 09

Profligate posting, I know

But lookie — inside out!

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Nov 09


Remember I’d mentioned that my high school chemistry teacher had contacted me out of the blue recently (upon discovering that he’d be in town on business and that I still lived in town).  We missed each other that time (due to some strange eating disorder that my road runner email account had developed), but he emailed me last week to say he’d be in town tonight.

And we had dinner!  (sushi…mmmmmmm)  What a blast!  It’s so funny, because when we met I was 16 (going on 17. really) and he was, well, an “adult” (who, as it turns out was only a few years older than I) and it didn’t much occur to me that we had much in common (admittedly that entire year my head was elsewhere… was rather lucky I didn’t fail out!).  So it truly amused and pleased me to have such an enjoyable dinner — turns out we even like much of the same music (and he plays Banjo, which is nifty)!  I guess I might be an “adult” now too…

(BTW, still recovering from the ache-eee-double-hockey-sticks that was the last two weeks at work.  More later.)

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Nov 09


Recently I’ve been cleaning up and throwing out, which, considering I could easily play the role of the Mother of All Packrats (at least in the off-Broadway run), is a big fuzzy deal.  In the process of the purge (doesn’t that sound like the title of a movie?) I found of one of my old Dayrunners (for you young’uns, that’s an Old Skool PDA), which contained (amongst other non-perishables such as my telephone list and a page of Tigger stickers) a single sheet of quotes.  I *think* I said these.  (Google doesn’t think anyone else ever did, at any rate).  Anyway, they struck me as funny, so I repeat them here (and that way I can throw away the sheet of paper too  ;-);

  • Twizzlers are the Cornflower Blue of candy.
  • The movie was so bad we’re taking stars away from the movie listed under it.
  • We not only have a legal leg to stand on, we’ve got a bike to ride home if we want.

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Nov 07

Protected: Sweet Potato Souffle

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Oct 21

Protected: Gotta write this (even though I’m dreading it)

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Oct 15

(No title)

From The Name Site

Name Origin: Italian
Number of Syllables: 2.00
Gender: Female

More interesting facts about the name Gina:

Lucky Number: 4
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Primary Color: Green
Traits: Inclined to appear strange and eccentric because s/he is usually ahead of her/his time. Very interested in the occult; in psychic research. Inclined to do anything out of the ordinary. Strong intuitive tendencies. Can be bitingly sarcastic if crossed. Believes in liberty and equality. Can usually predict the probable outcome of actions and businesses.

Ok, sort of right. Definitely appear strange. NOT interested in occult/psychic research. Am inclined to out-of-the-ordinary. Can be snarky. All about equality (and I think I often take liberty for granted). Strong N from a Myers-Briggsian perspective. At least *think* I can predict outcomes in business (and am over-fond) of gloating a little when I’m correct.

24 is my lucky number, so they’re a little correct there.

Oh and there are 2.00 syllables (why the decimal point is beyond me…can you have 5/8 of a syllable?)

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Oct 14


About three nights ago, I received this email:

“You know, you really turned out to be an interesting person, at least judging by the lint queen site.

If you don’t remember me, don’t bother to write back.  If you do (and you’ll forgive me for the out-of-the-blue question), I’ll be in RTP this evening (assuming the plane is on time) and my cell phone is XXX-XXX-XXXX.  I’m usually working like crazy when there, but today I have the evening free.”

signed by a name that was familiar, but not instantly peggable (but I’m notoriously crap with names).

I replied with an apology (the curiosity was KILLING me), then went back to read the email again for clues.  At that point, I noticed that the email was dated AUGUST 18!  Time-Warner had sat on it for almost two months!  (Or maybe my Outlook was misbehaving).

Then I replied again, apologizing for the delayed response. 

Both bounced.

Now the curiosity is killing me.  Today I called the number.

It was my high school chemistry teacher!!!!  (“Ohhhhhhhh — *that* Kiplinger!!!!“)

Wow.  Crappy cell phone connection, so we didn’t talk long, but WOW.

(I haven’t seen him in 18 years…it’s not like we kept up or anything.  He apparently was going to be here for business and was trying to remember who he knew in the area and found my site via the NCSSM site.  Wow.)

EDITED to add: This, BTW, qualified as Really Cool, in my book.

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Oct 13

Protected: More angst

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