Jan 06

My version of the Booga bag

knit bag My version of the Booga bag. Though the Booga bag uses Noro Kureyon, a self-striping wool yarn, mine is all black, with a really swank black sparkly yarn from Art Fibers in San Francisco knitted in (garter stich) the last few rows. My bag is shaped differently too, as I wanted a more “formal” bag.

knit bagHere’s a shot that shows the colors better, I think. I wanted the bag to have some fortitude and not get all, well, baggy, so I used a piece of plastic canvas to give the bottom some structure. Then I lined the whole shebang with some pink shiny purse-lining-like stuff (a rayon-acetate blend if I remember correctly).

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  1. karenbynight

    Oh, Lovely!

    That’s beautiful.

    Coincidently, I’m just on the last dozen or so rows of my own Booga J bag. It’s stripey in a very green teal, a medium blue, and a blue-grey.

    I’m strongly planning on learning how to knit socks next. I have no idea yet how I’m going to learn, other than a good pattern and a lot of skull sweat, but I’m determined. :-)

    1. gina

      Re: Oh, Lovely!

      Why thanks! You’ll have a blast with the felting… it’s way cool!

      I have gone straight from baby hats (and bags) to gloves, skipping both socks & mittens. I am not sure if this was a good idea. Will post pictures when they’re done (they’re orange yarn with pink fluffies at the cuff)… so far it’s clear that they’re handmade ;-)

  2. ex_shemaiah

    Gorgeous!!! YOu are so crafty!

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