Jan 20

The devil hat

Here’s a picture of the aforementioned devil hat:

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  1. ex_bellicane303


    How do I get those made for a the little pups friends have had lately?!

    1. gina

      Re: Oooooh

      Well, if you knit, the pattern’s not that hard…

      If you don’t knit, I will work on commission (and easily size for a wee one, assuming you mean a baby, not a puppy…)



  2. Anonymous

    It looks SO much cuter on YOU…..but yeah for posting it :)
    I too, am averse to freezing but hardly noticed, either. Your post captured the moment beautifully…thank you!
    FYI, I now forevermore will refer to the GINA’S HEELS AND HOSE rule for male ettiquette re:door-opening. Succinct, to the point, love that. Makes me smile.
    Know the LOOP well, and also FYI the author of Big Fish is my friend (from art school)’s DAD. How kewl is that? But what pray tell is CPK? Inquiring (okay, HUNGRY) minds need to know!

    1. gina

      You’re too sweet

      CPK = California Pizza Kitchen at “my mall”.

      Big Fish connection is *neat* — have you seen it yet?

      1. Anonymous

        Re: You’re too sweet

        sigh. still not enough depth perception post eye surgery to do movies yet. Can.Not.Wait.
        CPK goes on the list of Must Do Lunch….
        I don’t really want to be anon.
        ‘sup with the livejournal user request?
        sign me up :)

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