Jan 28

Salad forks

Am I the only person who consistently prefers “baby forks” (aka salad forks) and “baby spoons” (teaspoons) to dinner forks and soup spoons?  Given a choice, I’ll always use the smaller implement… why would I want to use a fork that stabs me ’cause the tines or too long, or a spoon that holds more liquid than I can gracefully eat?

(Obvioulsy, in fancy-pants situations I use the appropriate cutlery but at home, on my own I’m all about the tiny flatware.)

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  1. meep

    I tend to pick the smaller forks when I eat.

    1. meep

      stu yelled at me today for doing this.

      1. gina

        Bad Stu. No biscuit.

  2. jason0x21

    L. does this, too.

  3. humblepie

    you’re not the only one

  4. darthsunshine

    Nope, you’re not the only one. :)

    *waves* Hi!

  5. gina


    Fork Users of Small Size Unite!


  6. Anonymous

    mother forking upbringing

    When I was a kid, I suspect that my (small) mom and I both used the smaller utensils, while my dad probably used the full-size.

    I realized that I was doing something “odd” when Brian Morin was having breakfast at my house one day when we were in our twenties. I gave him a teaspoon for his cereal and he said, “Uh… I’m gonna need something bigger, man.”

    Ever since, I’ve been using the big stuff.

    Phil (archerpelican.typepad.com)

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