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Feb 27


Members of Athens GA bands Cosmic Charlie and Fuzzy Sprouts will be teaming up to play the following Abbey Road LIVE! shows in celebration of George Harrison’s birthday. The band will be performing the Beatles’ Abbey Road album LIVE in its entirety, along with a slew of other Beatles material. Join us for these memorable and festive shows!

Doors: 8:30 pm
Show: 9:30 pm

Anyone want to go with me? I have two extra tickets – FREE!!! @Cat’s Cradle

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Feb 27

Oh dear.

I still like the short story Ender’s Game (yes, much better than the novel, IMHO), but I have lost a great deal of respect for Orson Scott Card as a person.  I used to believe that the more intelligent someone was the more likely it would be that they would be open-minded.  Articles such as this one have caused me to seriously re-think this.

Orson’s style in this article reminds me of one of my other “favorite” conservatives, Bernie Reeves. Bernie is the publisher of Metro Magazine, a local publication that has a very good (and forward-thinking) music critic (Philip Van Vleck, who covers up-and-coming local “alternative” favorites such as Tift Merritt and Caitlin Cary), and incredibly (IMHO) narrow-minded viewpoints on just about everything else.

Aside: I *really* don’t understand the thinking here from a marketing point-of-view… the rest of the magazine is aimed at white, conservative upper-middle class, republican “professionals” — do they really think these people listen to Tift or Caitlin or Jon Shain?  Last I checked, the folks at these shows (at the Cat’s Cradle and the Lincoln Theater were wearing t-shirts with political statements more along the line of “LOVE YOUR COUNTRY FEAR YOUR GOVERNMENT” than “I *heart* George Bush.”  But anyway.

For whatever reason they keep sending me this magazine, even though I’ve never subscribed and would never subscribe.  Weird.

Anyway, here’s a typical statement from Bernie Reeves:

Talking trash: In a weird confluence of extremism from the far sides of the political spectrum, citizens of Raleigh are being herded into a gulag of misery. The Politburo we used to call the City Council is being shoved into policies concocted by the City staff apparatchiks—themselves serving extreme pressure groups—and are instituting a trial garbage pick-up scheme. Citizens are to forego twice-a-week yard collection to once-a-week curbside pick-up after stuffing their trash in special containers provided by Big Brother himself.

It appears that the North Raleigh anti-tax zealots have teamed up with the fanatic environmentalists to screw the taxpayers.

Yep.  They’re picking up the trash once a week in standardized containers (which are more easily handled by the trucks).  Truly an outrage.

Here’s another beaut:

Today school is dominated by a hodge-podge of unrelated and contradictory ersatz values cooked up by political theorists to attempt to please every passing fad. If things go wrong at home with students, there is no longer a core system at school to absorb the student, just counseling, another field afflicted with superficial theories. Learning is spasmodic, social interaction is polluted by the fear of upsetting the politically correct regime, and the delicate yet tempestuous interaction between the sexes is a minefield of potential danger. The new educational regime disdains normal male behavior and elevates the female. Problem kids are always boys, nine times out of 10. Is there a connection between the emasculation of the male and the violence in schools today? Even participation in athletics requires a balancing act and obeisance to an artificial reality between the sexes.

Aye yi yi.

Ok, so what was my point?  Oh yeah, Orson Scott Card’s article seems to be coming from this same (frighteningly small-minded) point-of-view.  Here’s a quote from OSC:

[…] not only are two sexes required in order to conceive children, children also learn their sex-role expectations from the parents in their own family. This is precisely what large segments of the Left would like to see break down. And if it is found to have unpleasant results, they will, as always, insist that the cure is to break down the family even further.

HUH?  What does the marriage of two loving, consenting adults have to do with sex-role expectations of children in a two-parent, heterosexual family?

And a little more:

What happens now if children grow up in a society that overtly teaches that homosexual partnering is not “just as good as” but actually is marriage?

Once this is regarded as settled law, anyone who tries to teach children to aspire to create a child-centered family with a father and a mother will be labeled as a bigot and accused of hate speech.
The propaganda mill will pound our children with homosexual marriage as a role model. We know this will happen because we have seen the fanatical Left do it many times before.
In other words, society will bend all its efforts to seize upon any hint of homosexuality in our young people and encourage it.

I think he’s genuinely trying to make the argument that if homosexual marriage is legal, it will somehow create more gay kids and that will somehow derail the “reproductive train” of our country.

Now I’m depressed.

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Feb 27

This is the battle I face

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Feb 24

And my cardinal

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Feb 24

My titmouse

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Feb 24

Odd things:

    In no particular order

  1. A Funny:  my friends Tim & Kim with whom I had dinner Friday night (aside: Who’da thunk:  grapefruit risotto is delicious!) have a small child whose name is Bennett, who is 3.5 years old. Apparently the other morning, Bennett asked Tim:  “Has Mommy taken her Vitagirls today?”  I sense I product marketing opportunity here…
  2. Watched Sleepless in Seattle last night (had DVR’d it several weeks ago), which I hadn’t seen in years and years.  Awwwwwwwww! I think I liked Meg Ryan better back then, though…sometimes it seems these days as if she’s playing a parody of herself.  She is still monster cute, though.
  3. I marvel at technology:  
    • I can see weeks’ worth of TV schedule info in advance.  There are at least 15 channels that regularly show movies (and I don’t even have any “premium” services, a la HBO).  I can push a button to record a movie that will be on several days hence, then weeks later, I get to watch the movie from bed (2.4GHz wireless video distribution system) and fast-forward painlessly through all the commercials.  Life is *swell*.
    • All of my music* is on a little box not much bigger than a deck of playing cards.  More than 6500 songs!

    *Ok, it’s not *quite* all my music, as that would be more than the 37gig that the iPod holds.  My jazz, “new age” and classical are not on the ‘pod, but with some editing out of the other music I don’t adore, I could manage that, I think.

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Feb 20

Before I forget

Imagine this:

Someone is doing a backbend, perpendicular to the wall, with toes touching the wall. Then they raise one leg and put one foot on the wall, then the other. Then they walk up the wall, up into a handstand and then go all the way over until they’re standing again.

That was me at yoga Wednesday night. Yah me!

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Feb 18


WARNING. This is *BAD* (but in a “seven-ambulances-full-of-burn-victims-colliding-almost-gotta-watch-but-feel-terrible-about-it-kind-of-way”):
The Beatles meets Pop Music Mashups (my friend Brian’s term)

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Feb 18

Present truck

I inherently like UPS trucks. (I said *trucks* not *drivers* — it’s not a “uniform thing,” I promise!). When I tried to figure out *why* I have such a fondness for UPS trucks, I realized that it’s because they always bring presents!

I’m serious! “Brown” always brings presents. USPS sometimes brings presents, but they also bring bills and junk mail, which lessens my warm fuzzies for the USPS. FedEx sometimes brings presents, but they also bring important-papers-to-sign-immediately-which-aren’t-necessarily-good-news (like tax documents or subpoenas).

Brown, OTOH, always brings presents… things I ordered, things I want, things-I-was-looking-forward-to-getting.

Yah Brown!

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Feb 16

wow. free teleconferencing

Via Cool Tools:

free’s Standard Services Are Free  

Our Web-Scheduled Standard and Reservationless Standard conferencing services are free, but we do not provide toll-free (800) Dial-in Numbers.  Although some callers may be local to our Dial-in Numbers, most callers should expect to dial a long distance number to access our conference bridges and, therefore, pay only the normal domestic long distance rates charged by each caller’s long distance carrier for the length of time they are on the call.”

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Feb 16

I’m turning into one of those people…

…who hates squirrels.

Ok, that’s not fair.  I don’t hate squirrels.  But ever since installing the feeder right outside my bedroom window I’ve become more than a little annoyed with them.  They scare away the birdies and eat their food.

(Aside:  yes, I know, the squirrels are hungry too.  And I don’t begrudge them a little of the feed.  But when they overwhelm the birds it upsets me.)

So, I am now armed.  A squirt gun will be deployed against the next squirrel who scares away the birdies!

I do feel sort of guilty, though.

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Feb 08

The internet is *tiny*

Remember the guy who cut my tree (who I thought looked like Robert Redford)?  

Well, the other day I found this on my doorstep!

I am *muy* amused.

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Feb 06

(No title)

Beackground: David & I were on a really boring conference call, so I was playing with PlayDoh. Amongst the things I made was a whale, which I left in David’s office. Here is the conversation we had afterwards:

ginathelintqueen: will you make sure lid is on playdoh good
David Hiscoe: yes
David Hiscoe: it shocked me
David Hiscoe: have it sitting on my window
David Hiscoe: and the static electircity was a joy
David Hiscoe: i was shocked by a playdoh whale
ginathelintqueen: OMG
ginathelintqueen: I am ROTFLOL
David Hiscoe: wiley monster of the deep

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Feb 05


The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is in town, which made me remember when I was in the Circus!

Yep!  Every young child’s dream — I got to be in the circus.  It was the 106th anniversary of the RB&B&B Circus and to celebrate the occasion they picked children out of the audience to ride in the big opening parade around the arena (Dorton Arena, for any locals).  I was such a lucky kid!

They were going to put me up on one of the horses, but by that time we’d already figured out that I was violently allergic to dogs and cats (thanks to an anaphylactic shock episode involving two labrador retrievers at my uncle’s house), so the wise (I think) decision was to put me on one of the great big carriages (drawn by the horses) instead.

I vividly remember waving and smiling and being simply awestruck that *I* (along with at least 50 other kids) was in the circus!  I also got a cool thing that looked like a flying saucer and lit up that night…


Ok I scare myself sometimes.  I was thinking about the circus thing and knew that I had the “Certificate of Appreciation” they gave me stowed away somewhere.  So I had to go upstairs (aka “studio-cum-filing-room”) and unearth it.  Ta-dah!

The text says:

“This colossal and commemorative certificate certifies that the bearer was a a featured guest performer in the 106th Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. Let it be known that you partook in the most notable milestone in the annals of Circus History to occur in over 100 years; the marriage of Michu, “The Smallest Man in the World” to his diminutive lilliputian sweetheart.”

The back:

Notice my ticket stub attached.

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Feb 03

More of the same

So my mom forwards me an email this morning called “A Woman Should Have” … mostly affirming, clever bits like:

…a youth she’s content to leave behind….


…a past juicy enough that she’s looking forward to retelling it in her old age….”

Yeah, yeah, ok that’s cute.  Here’s the bit that got me:

…enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own even if she never wants to or needs to…

Well, that’s nice.  I should be able to move out of the home I bought into an apartment…  What?  Why would I want to do that?

Oh.  I see.  Because the *assumption* is that I’m living with someone.  Well, of course I am, since I’m married…  


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