Feb 16

I’m turning into one of those people…

…who hates squirrels.

Ok, that’s not fair.  I don’t hate squirrels.  But ever since installing the feeder right outside my bedroom window I’ve become more than a little annoyed with them.  They scare away the birdies and eat their food.

(Aside:  yes, I know, the squirrels are hungry too.  And I don’t begrudge them a little of the feed.  But when they overwhelm the birds it upsets me.)

So, I am now armed.  A squirt gun will be deployed against the next squirrel who scares away the birdies!

I do feel sort of guilty, though.

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  1. xaviermusketeer

    I’ve gone to battle with the squirrels too. I have a “squirrel-proof” feeder, as well as one of those little dome things over it. I even put cayenne pepper oil on the string the feeder is hanging from.

    Doesn’t stop them. They just jump from the tree trunk to the feeder and help themselves, hanging upside-down on the feeder.

    You’re supposed to hang the feeder more than 6 feet away from the tree trunk to prevent them from jumping, but I don’t have a workable branch to do that.

    I gave up the fight. The birds get pissed off enough eventually and chase the squirrels away. :) And when they don’t, you can hear the crazy lady yelling out the window at them (aka me).

  2. gina


    I have one of those things on top of the feeder that’s supposed to topple the squirrels off too (Jeff said he saw it happen once and it was funny), but now they’ve figured out they can climb the pole.

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