Feb 20

Before I forget

Imagine this:

Someone is doing a backbend, perpendicular to the wall, with toes touching the wall. Then they raise one leg and put one foot on the wall, then the other. Then they walk up the wall, up into a handstand and then go all the way over until they’re standing again.

That was me at yoga Wednesday night. Yah me!

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  1. Anonymous


    Er, I mean — good for you! Yoga freaks me out. But good for you, really. :-)

    Phil (archerpelican.typepad.com)

  2. elementxero

    oh man thats hot

    lol jk i stumbled in here after googling for ‘UGLY SHOES’ on a whim ;)

  3. ex_shemaiah

    too cool

    After reading this I was inspired to do some yoga. I haven’t been doing it for a month or so. I am SO sore now…but in a good way. I can’t wait till I am as advanced as your feat! Good for you!

  4. gina

    I’m going to pay

    For last week’s bendiness tonight, I’m sure!

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