Feb 24

And my cardinal

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  1. ex_shemaiah

    It is so beautiful! I have never seen one cause I live in Boring Los Angeles! :)

    1. gina

      NO WAY!

      You’ve never seen a cardinal? It had never occured to me that someone might have never seen one, although in retrospect that was silly… it’s not like I would’ve seen seal lions or palm trees had I not traveled to CA or FL.

      They’re terribly noble and attractive birds. Momma Cardinal is a light brown, and only has a slightly reddish crest and tummy.

      (It’s also the NC State Bird. And the state shell is the Scotch Bonnet. State flower is the dogwood. State tree is the longleaf pine.)

      Ok, I’m done. ;-)

      1. ex_shemaiah

        Re: NO WAY!

        They look noble. It sounds so pleasant to be able to bird watch. I miss living in a place that has seasons. Thank you for educating me a bit. A friend from grad-school and his wife just moved to NC…they had gone to undergrad there and his wife is from the area. They live in MOntreat. Everything I read from you and him makes the place sound so wonderful.

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