Feb 24

My titmouse

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  1. xaviermusketeer

    That’s a tufted titmouse. ;)

    1. xaviermusketeer

      Hee hee, you changed it just as I posted.

      1. gina


        I think I was somehow blocking the word “titmouse”… funny word.

        But a titmouse he is… I have several of them. Titmice, I suppose.


        1. xaviermusketeer

          Re: indeed

          They are so cute.

          My poor birds have abandoned me. Probably because I abandoned them. I haven’t put seed out in a long time! Maybe I’ll put some out this weekend since it’ll be warm.

  2. gina

    I actually get many more birdies when it’s cold. The lower the tempurature, the more fuel they need to keep their metabolism up.

    This morning it’s been a zoo (ha ha! ;-) at my feeder, since it’s cold and the snow is covering a lot of the normally-available ground food.

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