Mar 01

I am sick again

Horrible throat pain.  Boo hiss.

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  1. ex_shemaiah

    How sad! Feel better! I’m making you a cup of tea.

    1. gina

      thank you

      Tea is good. I sound like a frog.


      1. ovrclokd

        Re: thank you

        *rummages in pantry* when i had pharyngitis last year (and it felt like someone was peeling the back of my throat off. slowly. in strips.) my doctor recommended tea and lozenges with, of all things, licorice root. yes, she is a real live MD, too. i found a tea called “throat coat” from traditional medicinals (pale green box, red label), and zand menthol herbal lozenges (silver & white bag, blue label) at whole foods… don’t know if they did any medicinal good, but they certainly did make me feel better.

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