Apr 20

Weekend in review

Friday morning I went with a crown (ok, a smallish crowd) of folks from work to raise walls on the Habitat for Humanity house that Nortel is sponsoring. This was, much to my great surprise, fun (tho it was a bit on the warm side and I “glowed” more than I’m accustomed to). I have pictures, which will get posted soon, I hope (don’t you love the way I phrased that “which will get posted soon,” as if *I* am not the one who needs to get off her rear and post them. I was more competent at the nailing thing than I’d thought I’d be, and was thwoping the big (that’d be $.16 to use the technical term) nails in seven thwacks or fewer. Yah me! That being said, Steve could do it in three, so I’m not sure I’ve got a lot to brag on.

Friday night, I met up with Heather and Liz for some shopping action (at Total Wine — who thought up that name?!), then dinner at the Angus Barn. Mmmmmmmmm….beef! I’d not eaten there since my birthday (September, for anyone keeping track) and had not had dinner with Liz and Heather in eons either (though Heather was co-host of the girl’s fondue thing, and Liz was there), so that was thoroughly enjoyable.

Saturday, oh Saturday, Jeff and I took the bike to Winston and ordered my MINI!! More on that later (do I always say that?), but for now I need help with the critical decision of chrome mirrors (another view) or white mirrors.

I did end up opting for the chrome bumper inserts, much to my surprise.

What color mirror covers should Gina get on her MINI?
Chrome (adv.: shiny, bugs not as obvious, matches bumper inserts)
White (adv: cheaper, matches roof)

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  1. ex_shemaiah

    What a fabulous weekend!

    Working on the house must have been a great feeling. I love volunteering but since you read my journal I think you know that.

    I better not tell JG about Total Wine or he might plan our next vacation to one….or hitting as many as possible. All our vacations seem to be about wine! I hope you did not get sick after not having beef for so long. I did not have any meat during Lent and the first hit was a doozy.

    I’m so excited about your MINI! They make me so happy to look at! They look fun to drive.

  2. sarah_ovenall

    Mini! Woo! I take it you’re getting a red one? I think the white mirror covers look more retro cool, but ther’es something to be said for bugs & road grime not showing as much.

    1. gina

      Yup, am getting red w/white top. Am truly stymied on the mirror issue. Agree that white is retro-cool, but it seems to really stick out too.


      (Can’t wait for baby to come though!)

  3. jason0x21

    Friday night, I met up with Heather and Liz for […] dinner at the Angus Barn. Mmmmmmmmm….beef!

    You should snag L. next time, she’s still a carnivore after all, and doesn’t get much beef around the house.



    1. gina

      I shall remember that for next time ;-)

    2. jklgoduke

      Carnivores R Us

      Sounds like our household. Hubby is vegeterian, and I am most decidedly not, although admittedly the centerpiece of my dinner doesn’t have to be “hunk-o-meat” like it tended to be when I was a kid.

      1. gina

        In a quite apropos fashion I had dinner tonight at Montana Joe’s (Buffalo Joes? Montana Buffalo? … you know, the new place at my mall).

        Mmmmmmm. Beefalo burger. :)

  4. sarah_ovenall

    Yesterday on Franklin Street I saw a red mini with white roof and white side mirrors. It was sooo cute! Is that what you ended up getting? When will it arrive?

    1. gina

      Yes, yes, that’s it exactly! It should come home to me mid-late June, I think. It should be “born” week after next (then big boat ride, etc.)!



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