Apr 22

Painting a frog…

I very nearly nearly did just now.

This one:

Was testing the color of the paint I picked up from hardware store at lunch.  Thought he was a blotch to be painted over.  He is not.  Is cute though.

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  1. ex_shemaiah

    How much fun!

  2. eneref

    Low light focus….

    I’ve found that, while the camera is supposed to fire a burst of flashes in low-light mode in order to focus, it sometimes doesn’t work.

    Try switching to manual focus and using the focus ring.

    Definitely take the polariser off in low-light. It’s designed to rid you of glare by stripping out certain light waves coming into the camera… this can very much confuse the autofocus — exceptionally so in low-light.

    1. gina

      Re: Low light focus….

      Thank you! That’s exactly the sort of thing I was looking for.

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