May 07

A feedback we received today


We launched a new version of the search engine last week, and one of the features we implemented was Spell Check… the second block of text in the email below was in our Search Tips page. The bit that’s blue and underlined is a working link to a search-engine query (which, of course, won’t work when you’re not on the intranet).

This was the email we received:

Thought you would like to know there is a typo on your link when I clicked to get more info on your new search features. Your pages always look so professional it really stands out when there is a typo… :0)

“We noticed that several well-known internet search engines have spelling-correction features, which can be quite useful if you’re a poor typist. Inktomi, our search engine, has a spelling suggestion feature that we’ve implemented in the new search. Try searching on “documennt“, for example, to see how it works.”

Well, yeah. In order to show you how the spell check works, we sorta had to misspell a word. Sigh.

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  1. Anonymous

    o.m.g. Seriously?
    sigh, indeed! I feel so much better now, I mean if people like THAT can function in the Real World…
    who am I to worry about the refuge of Academia for the daughter bird?
    Your bacon story just cracked me up, but seriously, have that checked.
    Hope I get to see you next week…
    Andrea is always up for an excuse to go to Southpoint! I’d love for you to meet her!
    Love as Always,

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