May 20

The fuzzlets that have nested at my house

These are the baby birdies (finchlets) that have nested in the glass Chinese latern (thanks, Pottery Barn — you are useful after all) that’s hanging on my porch.

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  1. sarah_ovenall

    AWWWWW! so cute! how close did you have to get to take that photo?

    1. gina

      Well, here’s the thing. I might’ve done a sorta stupid thing (although it turned out ok)…the latern is just hanging from my porch, so I took it down, snapped the photo and hung it back up. I panicked for a few minutes, thinking I’d scared the momma bird off, even though I knew that the stuff about not touching baby birdies or their mom would abandon them was an urban legend), but she came back. I guess I was about 3 feet away, and zoomed in pretty tight.

      1. sarah_ovenall

        I always wondered about that story that any whiff of human scent will drive birds away forever. Because, by that logic, wouldn’t birds avoid feeders placed by humans? Yet I’ve seen birds go to a feeder five minutes after I refilled it.

  2. fmi_agent

    i like the composition of the photo.
    also: awwww!

    1. gina

      Thanks — aren’t they the cutest things ever? I think they look a little like muppets…

      1. darthsunshine

        I think they look an awful lot like muppets. They’re incredibly cute. They also kinda look like they could grow up to become Cirque du Soleil costumes, kinda, in a way. Y’know?

  3. ex_shemaiah

    They do look like muppets! How exciting! Spring right in front of you.

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