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Jul 29

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Two things:
(1) This is very true:

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(2)The squirrels have had their revenge.  They were really ticking me off, because they were leaping up on my window ledge (which scared the poop out of me) then (as if that weren’t enough) jumping from there up to the feeders …the “squirrel-proof” feeders with the baffles and everything.  So I’d been squirt-gunning them.  It’s rather annoying because in some ways they seem quite smart… how they managed to open a 3′ tall galvanized metal garbage can is beyond me (I mean, they’re only like 8″ tall!  Where’s the leverage), yet in other ways (like failing to realize that if they climb on the feeder I’m going to water gun them) they seem rather dense.

So anyway, I’m working with my bedroom window slightly open (the better to water gun them with my dear) and I almost knock over the little glass votive I have on the window ledge.  At that point, I actually think to myself “Gee, Gina, you’re going to knock that over ’cause you’re soooo focused on this petty activity of squirrel squirting.”  And, yes, you can see where this is going.

After spending some quality-time with the vacuum, I am trying to seek a more “Zen-like” approach to the squirrels.


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Jul 27

Europe recap, pt. 1

Some thoughts from Europe (yes, I know I should write a proper travelogue and that someday when I’m trying to remember the name of the cute little restaurant where we had the really good pancakes with the cheese and bacon and powdered sugar (no, I swear) that I’ll regret it, but at the rate I’m going, I figure I’d better get down the interesting bits before they’re gone altogether).

Interesting bits, PART 1, then (in what was going to be semi-chronological order, but is turning out to be random)

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Jul 22


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Jul 13

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More photos from the trip, these from Paul Hounslow (the poppa of Huff the Hedgehog).  These are mostly focused on the actual “Europrez” (=BMW riders group) meeting, so there’s at least one unflattering picture of me in full motorcycle kit.

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Jul 11

With some trepidation,

I announce the availability of photos from Europe-by-Motorcycle v.2004″ .  I’m trying something new with this one and hosting them on their own (as opposed to Ofoto or whatnot), so let me know what you think (unlike Ofoto, this puppy won’t log visitors, which makes me somewhat sad, but oh well …it was integrated well with the image management software, so we’ll see how it goes).

Stories to come.  Soon.  Really.

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Jul 08

My real Japanese name

My Japanese name is Inoue (upon a well) Michiyo (three thousand generations).
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Jul 08

(more on trip later, but for now)

Long days combined with a nervous system that’s not synched with local time are tricky, as evidenced by my experience this morning.

I  had a 9:00 am Ophthalmologist appointment, so I made sure to set my alarm.  I woke up right before the alarm went off, checked the big clock on the wall (one with dots at 12, 3, 6, & 9 but no numbers in between — smell the danger coming?), got up, showered and headed out the door.  Drive, drive.  Park.  Limp towards office (knee is still not 100%).  As I was walking up to the doctor’s office, I noticed one of those little “Back at” signs with the hands set to 8:30, so of course I thought they’d been forgetful about taking it down when they opened the office.  (I’d like to mention, in my defense, that I hadn’t had any coffee at this point). Sighed.  Pulled on door.  Locked.  Mumble mumble.  Dummies!  They didn’t even bother to remember to *unlock* the door.

By now I was a bit angry, so I checked my cell phone to see how late they actually were.

Sigh.  It was, in true sitcom style, 7:55, not 8:55.  I actually went to the grocery to kill time… I don’t think I’ve *ever* been in a grocery before 9am!

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