Aug 05

Heading to beach

I’m quite excited as I’m heading down to the beach for a three-day weekend tonight!  I’m going down to DeBordieu to visit my roommate from high school and her husband (and two kids).  Sun!  Fun!!  NOT WORK!!!!

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  1. fmi_agent

    debba-doo! yay! say hi to those folks for me!

    1. gina

      Will do! (Mary asked about you recently, actually!)

      1. thebroomecloset

        Is that the Mary I know? If so, say a big hello from me, too! And either way, I hope you have a fabulous time. The weather this weekend is s’posed to be great.

        1. gina

          It is that Mary & she says “hi”! The weather is BEAUTIFUL — we’ve ridden bikes two days in a row and are getting ready to head down to the beach (where we also spend yesterday afternoon).

          There’s a house here (currently for sale) that I’m madly in love with…unfortunately, it’s $1.9mil. Oops.

          Saw a baby alligator yesterday too … tons of butterflies and birds (incl. herons and egrets). Pretty!

  2. Anonymous

    Have a Wonderful TIME

    Here’s hoping you have wonderful weather at the BEACH!

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