Aug 20

Nothing to lose

I will preface this by saying that I thought this was a scam… Apparently it is not.

Basically, this is a really odd “points” promotion where you sign up for a free trial of something (like AOL — eek), then get five of your friends to sign up for trials (of any number of offers, not necessarily the same as you), then (one five people sign up) you get:

a free iPod.


Unsurprisingly, the process can take a while, but it is legit (several URLs below discussing validity).  There’ve been allegations that it’s a pyramid scheme, but it’s not (at least according to the legal stuff I’ve seen).

Needless to say, I’ve signed up (with a Rhapsody account that I’ll cancel in a month and that I created using a one-time only virtual credit card number). 

I don’t genuinely expect five other folks to sign up using my referral link, but what the heck… it could happen, right?

My referral link, should anyone care to use it:  http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=8170787
I’m calling this one nothing to lose…


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  1. clubjuggler


    You mean Free ipod, I assume. I’ve been debating doing this myself. Have you looked into any of the “Conga Lines” people have setup to get referrals?

  2. clubjuggler

    Credited with offer?

    Oh, have you actually been credited with completing your offer yet? And how did you use a “one-time only virtual credit card number”? Where can you get that?

    1. gina

      Re: Credited with offer?

      Well, I have been correctly credited with one referral, but apparently the credit on completing the offer may take a week or two because the offer site (Rhapsody or whatever) needs to send the info back to the free iPod ppl.

      I did look at the Conga line, but I’d already given someone who posted on one of the craft journals I read a referral. Also, I don’t actually think this is going to happen, but if it does, I think I’d rather see it happen with real humans I already know, if that makes sense?

      Finally — Citibank has one-time virtual cards. You go to their website and, assuming you already have a real Citibank card, you use their “virtual card number” generator thingy and write down the number it gives you and the three-digit “code” and the exp. date. Then you enter it online like it was a real card and only Citibank and you know your real cc # behind it.


    2. gina

      Re: Credited with offer?

      Acutally, as of now, I have been credited with completing my offer! (Just checked!)

      And one referral!

      1. clubjuggler

        Re: Credited with offer?

        Nice. Did you yourself go in as a referral for someone else?

        1. gina

          Re: Credited with offer?

          If the link I clicked from the crafting journal worked, I think so, yes!

          (And my friend Bryan has apprently joined, but the referral isn’t fully credited, as he has not done his offer yet… oh well, fingers crossed!)

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