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Sep 28

Well it’s about time, isn’t it?

I’ve been over busy of late, which is no excuse for the sporadic updates, but I’ve also not felt like typing.  (I actually HATE typing and would much prefer to dictate things… I can TALK for hours!)

Anyway, with my birthday having been last week there’s been a flurry of taking me out to dinners and lunches (work folks, Meghan, Jeff, and Mike [though that wasn’t technically a birthday dinner, it was a fund raiser that he’d won tickets for, but I gave him birthday credit anyway]), which is, of course, all to the good.  In addition, I’ve:

  • Gone to a wedding — my first Quaker service.  Much to my relief, the “quiet-unless-moved-to-speak” part lasted only about an hour and was partially filled by other non-me people.  I’ve had several folks trying to explain to me the concept behind “being moved to speak”; however, what they don’t seem to understand is that (for me) about 22 seconds of silence is enough to move me to speak.  At any rate, I enjoyed the service, which seemed not to trigger as much wedding anxiety as I usually have.  The fact that there was a pig-pickin’ and a GREAT cake afterwards increased my joy.
  • Attended a Baby Shower — not for me (duh), for a woman with whom I work
  • A Photo Shoot with Sarah — That sounds much more impressive than it was, which was mostly us walking around Franklin Street with me attempting to make helpful noises like “erm…when the thingie’s too much to the left, you need more light, so you could make the shutter speed bigger.  I mean faster…. I mean…”
  • Seen Laser Floyd — Yep, laser shows are back at the Morehead Planetarium.  I luuuurve me some laser shows.  Laser Beatles is starting next — who wants to go with me?
  • Done another Secret Shopping Expedition — to Big Bowl with Al (not my ex-boss Al, the Al I know through Larry’s roommate Greg) 
  • Seen Peter Tork at the Six String Cafe — yep.  A Monkee.  Live and In Person.  He was actually quite fun (and not bad musically), though there was one completely surrealistic moment when he played a Bach piece on piano (think it was Brandenburg no.5 in D, but I won’t swear to that).  Monkee.  Bach.  Freaky.
  • Visited Centerfest — Mostly to look at display options in prep for the show I’m doing…

Oh, I haven’t mentioned that yet, have I?  Well, that’s been the other Big Thing that’s been eating my time.  I’m doing my first “craft show” this December.  It’s a fund raiser for Cary Academy (I got randomly lucky — is that tautologically redundant?? — and a friend of a friend [Inez] was looking for exhibitors and my name got thrown in.  I’m planning on having the following:

  • purses
  • scarves (knitted and polar fleece)
  • hats (knitted and polar fleece)
  • jewelry
  • keyrings
  • punk baby bibs
  • iPod/cellphone cozies

And perhaps I’ll put out a photograph or Polaroid emulsion transfer or two (it’s a “craft” show, so I don’t know what the market will be like for them, but what the heck?).

Needless to say, this raises all sorts of logistical issues — display?!  tags?!  pricing…  :|    It also requires *stuff*…lots of stuff… stuff I make.  So I’m making.  Part of my problem is that I really don’t care for “production work”…once I’ve made something once, I get bored with it. So (on the “thinking positively” side) that means everything I make is unique, but on the (depressingly realistic side) there are no “economies of scale” in production.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and how I feel about the things I make and have decided I’m OK (for now, when this is a hobby/side adventure, not anything like a Real Job) with this, and, from a marketing standpoint, can turn it to my advantage.

That being said, my *stuff* will continue to take a while to make.  Must Make More Stuff.

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Sep 23


Last minute fun on the agenda… next Thurs. morning (that’s Sept. 30th for those of you playing along at home) I’m heading to NYC for 2.5 days of funfunfun (leaving early Saturday evening).

So… holler if you
(a) live there and want to get together (particularly if getting together would not conflict overmuch with work)
(b) know nifty places I ought to go (definitely on the agenda:  MJTrims for sewing bits).  Also interested in the “BIG SALE” places (are there any BIG SALE yarn places, I wonder?) and any Good Eats.

Wheeee!  (BTW, for me this is WAAAAAAAY spontaneous!)

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Sep 23

(No title)

Too depressed to think.

The US Government Department of Homeland Security has deported Yusuf Islam, née Cat Stevens, writer of the song “Peace Train.”


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Sep 21



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Sep 18


Originally uploaded by lintqueen.

see — he moved!!!

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Sep 18


Originally uploaded by lintqueen.

Ok… Saturday night (saw Bourne Supremacy…very..blurry, that one). Reading LJ pre-bed. Notice a wee bug crawling on my screen. Try to flick him off (perhaps unintentionally squishing him). He won’t flick.

The bug is *INSIDE* my screen.

There is a wee bug INSIDE my screen.

I hope he doesn’t die and become a wee dead bug inside my screen.

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Sep 17

(No title)


This is somewhat accurate but for the fact that they didn’t mention LIGHTNING and THUNDER and HUGE GUSTS OF WIND that nearly knocked my tiny car off the road…

(yonked from ferociousbcycad and modified appropriately).

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Sep 16

Dinner invite

Does someone want to be a super-secret super-spy with me?  I am “secret-shopping” Big Bowl (at South point) Friday and I’d love to recruit a second super-sleuth to go with me… and dinner’s on me!

Any takers?


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Sep 09


Originally uploaded by lintqueen.

The latest polar-fleece expedition…

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Sep 08

Rock the Vote

Go here, sign up, maybe win $100,000. No spam, no pain. Just people who are willing to give away a lot of money for people to stand up and say they’ll vote!

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Sep 03

Quick update

I have been much slack in updating of late. Oops.

As an excuse I offer: busyness! (surprise! ;-)

Ok, so last weekend I:

  • Met Heather and Debra at Carrburritos (I think I might’ve put too many “rrrrrr”s in there) for Burritos as Big as Our Heads (BaBaOH) tm followed by Tift Merritt‘s album release party at the Cat’s Cradle. The Super Double Bonus was that Gary Louris (of The Jayhawks), who sings backup for some of the songs on this album, played as well. In fact, he sang one of my Most Favorite songs — All the Right Reasons — solo accousitc. Mmmmmm! I gushed at him a bit afterwards…
  • Saturday was the Day of Organization. Jeff & I went to several stores with multiple sets of measurements in hand in order to find a storage solution for my fabric and yarn. This is not an insubstantial problem.

    Some sewers/knitters, you see, find a pattern they like, then buy the fabric/yarn to complete it, then make the thing. Not me. Nope. I find fabric/yarn I like, then visit it on a regular basis, so as to be able to hear it when it tells me what it wants to be when it grows up. This means I have *lots* of fabric and *lots* of yarn. The sad thing was that my storage capacity was so limited that the materials were all squashed up, so some of them weren’t being heard properly (I mean, really, how could a nice little piece of quilting cotton in yellow expect to be heard over lime green polarfleece?).

    So now I have four little Target cabinets (with doors! on sale! $23.99/ea.!) that all the fabric can safely live in and two little shoe cabinets with 25 compartments each where all my yarn can live. Needless to say, the fabric and yarn are quite happy to be grouped by weight and color. And it makes me really happy to be able to go upstairs (the shelves line the catwalk that connects the stairs with the loft area of my house) and see all my pretties all nice and neat!

  • Saturday night, Jeff and I met ferociousbcycad, one of my significant ex-others (ex-significant others?) for dinner at Babymoon Cafe. Potentially awkward, yet decidedly not in reality (yah!). We had a blast (they actually have quite a bit in common… INTP’s [I’m listening to you all gape in surprise at that one! ;-)] who ride motorcycles, etc.) and ended up talking until nearly ten.
  • Sunday I decided that if I could finish a big (and very long-in-the-making project), I could clear off one of the tables upstairs, which would give me space to cut fabric (which would be far more ergonomically correct and far less backache-inducing than the current system of cutting it on the floor). So I spent Sunday afternoon (and evening and part of Monday night) reacquainting myself with how to do this craft that I’d not done in, oh, I dunno, 7 years? (geep). Only minor injuries were sustained and The Project (which is not being detailed here for a pretty good reason) is completed!
  • Tuesday night I met Greta for dinner at Rocky Mountain Firebird Grill Thing at my mall. Greta is one amazing person, and this time, just like last time, we managed not to do a stitch of knitting, but instead gabbed for three hours. :)
  • Wednesday night, thebroomecloset (surprisingly, another significant ex-other or ex-significant other, take your pick) and I met for dinner at Rockfish (and also gabbed for going on four hours*). Pretty amazing … I’ve known him for eighteen years (I think we figured out?…) and he’s still one of my favorite people on the planet.

* OK. That’s not all that amazing. I talk. A lot. I get it. ;-)

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