Sep 16

Dinner invite

Does someone want to be a super-secret super-spy with me?  I am “secret-shopping” Big Bowl (at South point) Friday and I’d love to recruit a second super-sleuth to go with me… and dinner’s on me!

Any takers?


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  1. lilbluebus

    Ahhh, if I lived in NC still, I’d so want to go. I’ve heard of these secret shoppers and it sounds so fun.

    1. gina

      I wish you were here too — you’d be a great “foodie” companion!

  2. humblepie


    I have a guest arriving that night….

    Otherwise I’d love to.

    1. gina

      We could do it early (6ish) if that would help? (I would love to catch up sometime!)

    2. gina

      Ok — better idea… let’s just pick a time — what’s the first week of Oct. look like for you? :)

  3. humblepie

    heh, I fly to Portland, OR on the first to visit you-know-who. Will return on the evening of the 6th.

    go fish.

  4. jklgoduke

    Well, we’d talked about getting together…

    That sounds yummy … but if I did it, I might need to bring my 3-year-old son along. Would that be possible? Do you already have someone lined up? If you have IM, ping me at jklGoDuke.

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