Sep 23

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Too depressed to think.

The US Government Department of Homeland Security has deported Yusuf Islam, née Cat Stevens, writer of the song “Peace Train.”


Permanent link to this article: http://ginalikins.com/2004/09/23/313/


  1. a_nightengale

    I’m not a big fan of his, but geez. It’s not like he’s dangerous or anything. :(

  2. fmi_agent

    i was all set to reply to this, saying, “ah, but didn’t he support the persecution of salman rushdie years ago?”

    but then i did some web research and found a faq from catstevens.com that addresses this question. it seems that the media significantly distorted his stated position (although what he said is still disturbing, in context).

    1. gina

      And even if he did support the persecution of Salman Rushdie (which he didn’t), does that make him a terrorist threat? And warrant him being deported?

      1. fmi_agent

        no, it doesn’t. no argument from me there. my gut reaction was more to your pointing out the association of cat stevens with “peace train,” and the implications there.

        1. gina

          ah, ok, I see. Thanks for (per norm!) doing the research first!

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