Sep 23


Last minute fun on the agenda… next Thurs. morning (that’s Sept. 30th for those of you playing along at home) I’m heading to NYC for 2.5 days of funfunfun (leaving early Saturday evening).

So… holler if you
(a) live there and want to get together (particularly if getting together would not conflict overmuch with work)
(b) know nifty places I ought to go (definitely on the agenda:  MJTrims for sewing bits).  Also interested in the “BIG SALE” places (are there any BIG SALE yarn places, I wonder?) and any Good Eats.

Wheeee!  (BTW, for me this is WAAAAAAAY spontaneous!)

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  1. meep

    Well, let’s see. I don’t know what you mean by BIG SALE… Macy’s seems to always be having a sale, but you can pretty much get stuff at Macy’s =anywhere=. For an interesting shopping experience, head down to Chinatown and look for designer knockoffs (they’ve got good stuff) – I’m not the shopping kind, so I can’t help you there. If you’re going to a trim shop, I’m willing to bet there are about 10 other such shops right next to it. That’s kind of the way around here. There’s a street in the east village that’s nothing but Indian Restaurants. It’s so funny to see them lined up like that, but you do often see such clustering (all the bars on 2nd Ave., steak houses around midtown…)

    If you like book buying, check out the Strand on Broadway and 12th Street.

    Good food down in Chinatown, too, but there’s good food all over the city. Any particular kind of eats you’re looking for?

    I’m the museum-going/park-hiking kind. Because one museum is free to me, and I do the “free stuff of NYC” thing every time people visit – walking tour of downtown and Central Park are my specialties, and looking at pretty sights. If you’ve never been in Grand Central Station, it’s pretty cool to go to the main terminal and check out the area. Just to look at it.

    I don’t know if I’d be able to get together with ya, because I’ll have just come back from Canada, and I won’t be online next week to keep updated.

    Anyway, if you get an itinerary, shoot me an email to let me know what you have in mind, and I can see if I can meet up with you somewhere, sometime.

    1. gina

      So, I arrive Thurs. morning at 9am and we leave Sat. at 10pm. Other than that, everything’s up in the air (/felxible). I hear MOMA moved to Queens, so maybe it’s time I do the Met (I think I’ve seen MOMA twice, but the Met never)!

      I’ve been to the Strand (overwhelmingly wonderful), and might try to hit there again. I have never been to Central Park (ok, I might’ve walked through a corner of it once, but not in any organized fashion), so that sounds interesting.

      Thanks to Hotwire, we’re staying at Grand Central Hyatt, right at the station (connected by a walkway, even, I think).

      I don’t know if I have a real email address for you, Meep — I won’t be online while I’m there (I think), but my cell will be on and the number is an area code you can guess + 696 + my first name. :)

  2. sarah_ovenall

    If you’re interested in clothes shopping, try Century 21. Like a gigantic TJ Max with designer clothes. It’s right across the street from Ground Zero.

    MJ Trim is awesome :) B&J fabric is cool too but kind of pricey. More of a “wow, I can’t believe they have this” place than a “big sale” place.

    1. gina

      Got any ideas for the “cut-rate-but-cool-fabric-places”? I’m also going to try to track down a sari store, I think, as I’d love to get some sari fabric.

      Century 21 added to list — thanks!

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