Oct 14


About three nights ago, I received this email:

“You know, you really turned out to be an interesting person, at least judging by the lint queen site.

If you don’t remember me, don’t bother to write back.  If you do (and you’ll forgive me for the out-of-the-blue question), I’ll be in RTP this evening (assuming the plane is on time) and my cell phone is XXX-XXX-XXXX.  I’m usually working like crazy when there, but today I have the evening free.”

signed by a name that was familiar, but not instantly peggable (but I’m notoriously crap with names).

I replied with an apology (the curiosity was KILLING me), then went back to read the email again for clues.  At that point, I noticed that the email was dated AUGUST 18!  Time-Warner had sat on it for almost two months!  (Or maybe my Outlook was misbehaving).

Then I replied again, apologizing for the delayed response. 

Both bounced.

Now the curiosity is killing me.  Today I called the number.

It was my high school chemistry teacher!!!!  (“Ohhhhhhhh — *that* Kiplinger!!!!“)

Wow.  Crappy cell phone connection, so we didn’t talk long, but WOW.

(I haven’t seen him in 18 years…it’s not like we kept up or anything.  He apparently was going to be here for business and was trying to remember who he knew in the area and found my site via the NCSSM site.  Wow.)

EDITED to add: This, BTW, qualified as Really Cool, in my book.

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  1. Anonymous

    i can’t believe i already made your blog

    what, did we talk maybe 30 minutes ago?

    – the ex-chemistry teacher

    1. gina

      Re: i can’t believe i already made your blog

      I am ROTFLOL. Yeah, maybe 30 minutes ago :)

  2. meep

    Who did you have for chem?

    1. gina

      Jeff Kiplinger — I don’t think he was there by the time you were… (in fact, I think my class may have scared him off)

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