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Nov 24

The flyer

(which is nothing I haven’t said already, but it’s kinda cool anyway):

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Nov 21

December Craft Show – Dec. 2-4, Cary, NC

I’ve mentioned this before in a general-sort-of-sometime-in-the-future-sense, but now I suppose it’s time to actually get specific, so….

I’ll be participating in my first craft show (ever!) this December 2-4 at Cary Academy!  This is the second year that CA has held a “Holiday Shoppe” (the extra “e” makes it special!  ;-) and it’s a great chance to get some of your holiday shopping done (and it gives me a chance to temporarily sate my craft addiction!)

All the gory details (when, where, etc.) are below, and you can see a sample (a small sample!) of what I’ll have available here: 

I hope you’ll be able to make it — I’ll be there most of the time (booth-tending), so if you just want to stop by and say “howdy” that’s swell too.  Also please feel free to forward this along to anyone who you think might be interested  :-)

Gory Details:

The show runs

  • Thursday, Dec. 2 11:30am-6:00pm 
  • Friday, Dec. 3 7:30am-9:00 pm 
  • Saturday, Dec. 4 10:00am-4:00pm

and is being held in the SEA building at Cary Academy (map)

Please come!  Please tell me it’s going to be AOK!  (I am *nervous*!)

(And in other news I spend *all weekend* re-doing my website.  I figured out SSIs, a simple javascript *and* CSS.  I am quite pleased with myself.)

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Nov 09

Profligate posting, I know

But lookie — inside out!

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Nov 09


Remember I’d mentioned that my high school chemistry teacher had contacted me out of the blue recently (upon discovering that he’d be in town on business and that I still lived in town).  We missed each other that time (due to some strange eating disorder that my road runner email account had developed), but he emailed me last week to say he’d be in town tonight.

And we had dinner!  (sushi…mmmmmmm)  What a blast!  It’s so funny, because when we met I was 16 (going on 17. really) and he was, well, an “adult” (who, as it turns out was only a few years older than I) and it didn’t much occur to me that we had much in common (admittedly that entire year my head was elsewhere… was rather lucky I didn’t fail out!).  So it truly amused and pleased me to have such an enjoyable dinner — turns out we even like much of the same music (and he plays Banjo, which is nifty)!  I guess I might be an “adult” now too…

(BTW, still recovering from the ache-eee-double-hockey-sticks that was the last two weeks at work.  More later.)

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Nov 09


Recently I’ve been cleaning up and throwing out, which, considering I could easily play the role of the Mother of All Packrats (at least in the off-Broadway run), is a big fuzzy deal.  In the process of the purge (doesn’t that sound like the title of a movie?) I found of one of my old Dayrunners (for you young’uns, that’s an Old Skool PDA), which contained (amongst other non-perishables such as my telephone list and a page of Tigger stickers) a single sheet of quotes.  I *think* I said these.  (Google doesn’t think anyone else ever did, at any rate).  Anyway, they struck me as funny, so I repeat them here (and that way I can throw away the sheet of paper too  ;-);

  • Twizzlers are the Cornflower Blue of candy.
  • The movie was so bad we’re taking stars away from the movie listed under it.
  • We not only have a legal leg to stand on, we’ve got a bike to ride home if we want.

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Nov 07

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