Nov 09

Profligate posting, I know

But lookie — inside out!

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  1. lilbluebus

    That reminds me of this: http://www.kokogiak.com/webtools/no_org.html

    1. gina

      oh sad. it doesn’t like Netscape :(

      will have to look at it in IE

  2. bdot

    cool.. how’d you do that!

    1. gina

      Sadly, I didn’t. But someone wrote some really cool code! (you just insert the URL of the page you want to translate into the string!)

  3. meep


    my head.

    that’s not nice to do to a pregnant lady. bad!

  4. ferociousbcycad

    o! the madness!

    1. gina

      tee hee — thought you’d like that!

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