Dec 02

The good news:

I had a good first day at the show.  Enough happy interested people that I feel pleased and enough of my things to new loving homes that I’m happy.

The bad news:

I busted my knee again.

The good news:

I had loaded in before it happened.

The bad news:


The good news:

Because it was at a high school they had a spare wheelchair they could loan me.

The bad news:

I’m just as bad as driving a wheelchair as I am at driving shopping carts.

The good news:

Mom brought me my crutches and my Vioxx.

The bad news:

Vioxx might make me die.

The good news:

This happened on a day where I could pretty much sit on my rear and be nice all day anyway.

The bad news:

Jeff was in NYC.

The good news:

He was coming home tonight anyway.

all told, I’m still being positive.

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  1. ex_shemaiah

    OUCH!!! I am so sorry about your knee. Damn!

    I am happy about your show and then also that Jeff is coming home tonight. JG is in Dallas and will return tomorrow night so I catch your drift.

    I hope you have an awesome show. You have another day right?

  2. ferociousbcycad

    hey, you stealin’ my rap?

    Or is this just one of those cases of great minds (and knees, apparently) thinking downright creepily alike?

    1. gina

      Re: hey, you stealin’ my rap?

      Hey — who you callin’ a creep??! ;-)

  3. jklgoduke

    My mother, son, and I came by the craft show late this morning, but didn’t see you there. Hopefully you’re off resting or getting needed medical attention. Due to my own health issues, we didn’t stay long, but we did have a good time, and I picked up a couple of small ornaments for a Christmas tree that I have designated “blue” – but don’t quite have enough blue ornaments to fill properly.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery, and we still need to do lunch (‘cept I’m not allowed to drive for a week or two).

    1. gina

      Hey Janelle —

      I’m so sorry I missed you! I’m heading out again in about half an hour (spent morning on phone with docs and resting), but am up to trying again (will be staying in the wheelchair tho!)


      Hope you’re feeling much better!

  4. badger

    Oh, I’m sorry you hurt your knee. I’m glad you posted, as I was just heading over to see you at the show, and I assume that you are home now and not at your booth. Perhaps you’ll be in tomorrow – I have several thing to do tomorrow, but I might drop by regardless.

    1. gina

      Am heading back over there w/in hour. Hope to see you — it’s been a while! :)

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