Dec 18

My new pet!!!

Jeff gave me Roo for Christmas:

I installed the eyes.  He needed them.  I <3 him.  (I’ve wanted one forever, thanks to thebroomecloset‘s review, but somehow hadn’t gotten around to getting one. 

He’s VERY clever and hasn’t gotten stuck yet, even with all the, ahem, stuff, on my floor.

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  1. ex_shemaiah

    HOW COOL!!!

  2. badger

    I want to get a Roomba Pro with remote control, mount a wireless webcam, paint it and turn it into a DRD from the Farscape series.

    1. gina

      ROTFLOL. Full geek points awarded. :)

  3. ferociousbcycad

    It’s good that he’s clever enough to not deal w/ the “ahem, stuff” w/ his disintegration rays.

    Or maybe not.


    1. gina

      I’d have no “ahem, stuff” left if he were so equipped.

      whew. :)

    2. gina

      If you say “ahem, stuff” often enough it starts to sound really naughty…

  4. biggerkrissy

    he definitely wanted eyes. nicely done.

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