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Dec 22

My holiday card this year (I’m quite proud of it)

Card construction details, if anyone’s interested

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Dec 21

Being scared as a call to action

Often when I’m scared of doing something the fear acts as a strange signal to me that the very thing I’m scared of is, in fact, something that I need to do.  I don’t know when exactly this behavior pattern started, but I do remember the first time I noticed it, which was when LJ decided that for her 30th birthday she wanted to go skydiving. 

Now, I love roller coasters, but I’ve never liked plummeting part, just the loops and roles and twists.  Therefore, jumping out of a plane had always seemed like all the worst parts of roller coaster rides without any of the good parts, yet when LJ said it, I felt compelled to do it.  Upon examining further this seemingly oxymoronic behavior. I realized that I’d been acting this way for quite a while, but that as I grew older — and more determined to continue to grow and challenge myself and not become a fossilized old poop — the drive has become even stronger.

This afternoon there was another example of this sort of behavior

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Dec 21

Happy B’day

Happy Birthday, thebroomeclosetMike

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Dec 19

Heading West — California here we come!

So, I survived the ANFDCS (Annual Norman Family Dysfunctional Christmas Shindig), which was this past weekend; as a matter of fact, it wasn’t even all that dysfunctional this year (!).  Having Jeff there certainly helps, as does the fact I’ve finally gotten straight the names of all of my step-cousins.  Those things, plus the fact that I’d lost three pounds due to having the plague1 the week before and thereby met the “lost weight” criteria (which is *very* important to my Grandmother…what can I say, she’s from another age..), meant that all-in-all there was no criticism directed my way, making me very happy.

I’m now in that odd place where I think I’m mostly ready for Christmas…until another boxload of things arrives via mail and the wrapping & tagging cycle begins again.  Or until I realize that there’s Mandatory Work Fun the next day and I have to bake (most recently, Monkey Bread, for tomorrow’s IS breakfast.  Anyone know why it’s called Monkey Bread? Or why there’d be Mandatory Fun at 8:00am?!). Or until I realize that I leave on Friday and haven’t yet sent emails out explaining itinerary.  Or….

Anyway, between Christmas prep and recovering from the plague1 I got the day after my show (thank heavens for small favors, at least!), I’ve not been paying much attention to LJ.  If something important has happened and I didn’t make any appropriate comments…well, pretend I did.  Or drop me an email or something.

Upcoming Plans:
On Friday night (or maybe Saturday morning), Jeff and I are headed to Charlotte to have Christmas with my mom and Grumps (Sat. afternoon) and Dad (Saturday evening).  Then Sunday morning we fly to California (WHEE!), to stay one night with our friends Spider and Eli, then three nights at Wilbur Hot Springs.  Then we’re heading south to Santa Cruz to stay with our friend Darryl, with lunch on the way in Calistoga with Edson and Minna, folks Jeff’s known from years from the European motorcycling crowd. 

Hopefully on the 30th/31st we’ll be able to head back up to the Bay area to see folks I work with/friends of mine from high school like Alan/sundry others who might be interested in catching up.  Have no idea what’s up for New Years, other than we’ll be with Darryl, and then we’re flying back to NC on the 1st.

1 Ok.  Just a nasty head cold.  But it felt like the plague.

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Nov 30

Craft show reminder

The very, very good news is that I managed to load in this year without any injuries that might require major surgery!

I’ll not be there most of tomorrow (meetings), but will be there all day Friday and all day Saturday… for more info

Hope to see you there!

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Nov 13

Are you behind on your holiday shopping?

If so, I can help!

The Holiday Shoppe (note again the extra ‘e’ — still makes it special  ;-) will be at Cary Academy again this year, and they’ve been kind enough to invite me back!  I am fervently hoping that I’ll manage to get through this one without busting my knee (or any other part of me, for that matter.  Knock on laminate.)

(If you’d like to know more)

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Nov 13

Well there you go…

I’d been stressing recently about not having said much for a while, and then I was stressing about the stupidness of stressing while trying to remember why I was doing this (not out of any need to “journal” in the commonly used sense, but because sometimes I have things that are worth saying), when finally this morning it occurred to me that I hadn’t been journaling because I haven’t had that rare combo of grandly excited and three free seconds to breathe.

What’s been going on of late

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Nov 01


This year I carved one of those fake pumpkin things (“funkin”?  That doesn’t sound right, does it?).  Here ’tis:

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Oct 27

(No title)

Just popping my head up briefly to say “I’m not dead yet”
watch this

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Oct 19

(No title)

Now whose brilliant idea was it that a carbonated beverage would take a nice three-foot plunge through the bowels of the machine right before I want to open it?

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Sep 26

Quick update

Last weekend Jeff & I escaped to Grandfather Mountain for my birthday, as my grandmother has a place up there — you can’t quite see the house in the pic linked above (click to enlarge), which I took from the top of the mountain, but you *almost* can…it’d be just off the right hand side of the screen at the top.  Grandma bought her first condo at Grandfather sometime in the early 70’s — I don’t remember exactly when, though I know it was before 1976, as I remember watching the bicentennial fireworks from the top of the tallest bridge. 

The bridges, in fact, have always been one of my favorite things about the property — you can walk all the way across the lake on the bridges, going from island to island (which Jeff & I did Friday night after arriving rather late.  Thankfully Jeff thinks ahead and had brought a flashlight…).  BTW, the plan is for my brother to be married on one of the islands next summer — should be gorgeous!

Saturday morning, after having brunch on the patio overlooking the lake, we drove around the club (Grandfather Golf & Country Club — they have no website!) for a while looking at all the houses (which are *incredible*), then went up to Grandfather Mountain (the “attraction” part) and saw the animals in the nature habitats (my pics of bears and whatnot) and walked across the Mile-High Swinging Bridge.  Great weather and fabulous view, though Jeff made me nervous with all of his scrambling over the rocks like a mountain goat.

After heading back to the club, we took out a golf cart and tooled along the courses (two 18-hole ones) — whee!  (Although there apparently is some sort of governor on the engine, as we didn’t get nearly the speed up that we should’ve on some of the longer hills).  Then we went to the driving range and Jeff taught me how to hit a golf ball — and I didn’t suck!  Other than taking a hunk out of the palm of my hand (when I hit the dirt rather hard instead of the ball), I’d have to say it was an unmitigated success (sort of amazing for me, a truly uncoordinated person if there ever was one).

Saturday evening we took Grandma up on her very kind birthday treat: dinner on her at the club. It was tapas and jazz night (they had a little four-piece combo playing); however, by the time we’d eaten we were way too full to dance.  The food was incredible:  amongst other things, I had probably the best crab cakes I’ve ever put in my mouth, and Jeff’s lobster dumpling was just as good.  Eventually we rolled home, and slept the sleep of the extremely exhausted.

Sunday morning we woke up to a rainy, grey day (that was still pretty in a rather dismal way), which was just as well anyway as Jeff had work crises to solve via Blackberry and then we had to hit the road.  We had time for a quick stop at The Ham Shoppe to pick up sandwiches on the way out of town, but then it was just the long drive home. All in all, though, the trip was too short, but great anyway.

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Sep 15

for the bridesmaids in Drew’s wedding

Otherwise, feel free to ignore:

The top choices for tops

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Sep 13

(No title)

Does it worry me that someone whose IP address shows as the Department of Homeland Security in my logs looked at 25 pages on my website today?

Why yes, I think it does…

(Do I know anyone who works there? Maybe it was the Canada story? I still think it was the shoes…)

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Sep 12

(No title)

Movie meme stolen from xaviermuskateer

(under the cut)

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Sep 08

Look!  New pretties!

I’ve been making collaged pendants and I’m quite excited about them… these are mostly between 1″ and 2″ tall.  Some I’ve put onto ribbons, so they’re ready-to-wear, while others are awaiting their chains/necklaces.

This is the front and back of a single pendant:

And here’s another:

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