Jan 13

From my favorite magazine

This just came via email from Paste Magazine (my favorite music mag, by far):

Oops! We sent you an email earlier today saying that your subscription has expired. Due to a little typo (a “>” instead of “< "), we sent that email to everyone who has NOT expired. So consider these two emails as a confirmation that your supscription is still good :). Sorry for the mix-up. Quite embarrassing, really. That's what you get with too much multi-tasking and having journalists program. To clarify, the issue at the printer is issue #14. Your subscription expires with issue #19. Please accept our sincere apologies. Those responsible have been sacked. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked. The directors of the firm hired to continue....... Tim Porter Unsuccessful Multi-tasker Paste

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  1. gina

    Apparently they really had a db error — I just found the tone of the email hilarious… :)

    1. ex_shemaiah

      It was funny huh!? My subscription is actually up for renewal so I thought that they were correct in the beginning. I renewed–especially cause I wanted one of those CDS :)

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