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Mar 22

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Via trillian42 and repeated here ’cause one day I’ll want to find it:  Tact Filters.

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Mar 21

Weekend in review

So the weekend, all told, was pretty good.  Saturday night Jeff and I went out to Thai Palace in Chapel Hill, where the Tom Kha Gai was not as good as normal, but the Mee Krob and spring rolls were delicious.  Before we left for the restaurant, Jeff had the foresight to think to call Target to see if they had wheelchairs — and they do!  After dinner, we headed over to the Target were I was darned pleased to be able to scoot around in their motorized wheelchairs — free and unencumbered.  Sadly, I am not a particularly good motorized wheelchair driver, and every time you back one of those suckers up it *beeps beeps beeps* loudly, calling attention to the fact that you’re not a very good driver.

Earlier in the week, my friend Kim came to visit and brought me both a delicious dinner and Peeps treats, including a peeps egg-dying kit.  Now, I love to dye eggs… it’s part of the whole holidays-being-a-big-deal when I was a little girl.  We took come again-Harding, tree-decorating and Easter egg-dying quite seriously, spending hours and hours perfecting our designs and executing them.  Many years ago, I had an egg dyeing brunch at my house and had friends over to dye Easter eggs… that was a great deal of fun, but I haven’t had the opportunity to dye eggs ever since, so I let at the opportunity. 

Sunday morning, Jeff and I dyed Easter eggs — and it was a blast!  I don’t think he completely understood the seriousness with which I approach projects like this, so he might have been surprised by my requests for crayons, masking tape, candles, the spare egg dyeing hooks that I keep in the junk drawer (no kidding, really I do), etc. In fact, he only vaguely remembered dying eggs as a child himself, and seemed to think that dyeing eggs consisted primarily of dumping them in a single color, and then eventually fishing them out.  I showed him the joy that Easter egg dyeing could be (and his eggs were quite pretty!).  The best yet, later this week I’ll devil them …mmmmmmmmm… deviled eggs..

Sunday afternoon, I decided I needed sustenance of substance for dinner, and wanted a stake.  Jeff was kind enough to run to the grocery store and get steak and sweet potatoes for me.  While he was gone, I broiled some asparagus that we had on hand with butter, olive oil, lemon juice and sliced almonds to go alongside (note: cooking on crutches is no more fun than any of the other routine things to do on crutches. feh.)

He came home with not only steak and sweet potatoes, but also an Easter lily, which I’ve always wanted, but never had.  I didn’t realize that they smelled so good…

Then, after dinner — super-treat!! — Jeff brought out the cupcakes that he’d gotten for me from the store (at the Target the night previous, I’d had fits over the woman in front of us in-line, who had cupcakes..), and we watched the remake of The Avengers, which was actually pretty terrible.  Oh well, the cupcakes were delicious.

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Mar 17

Friday Night Special

Tomorrow night — Friday the 18th — I’m planning on watching Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band — the one with the Bee Gees — which I finally got around to ordering from Amazon.  I loved this movie as a child (ok, pre-teen) and actually think that I wouldn’t love the Beatles as much as I do had I not been introduced to some of their more unusual songs via this movie.  Plus it’s a really fun movie.

I have a nice, large, lovely TV and big comfy sofas.  I would love company.  I’ll probably order pizza for dinner, and plan on starting the movie around 6:30 or seven.  Any takers?

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Mar 15

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yowsa.  Apparently, it also understands how to do actions that are in the program window.  For example, I use Semagic to post my blog entries.  When I said “post entry”, it understood that I meant to post the entry to LiveJournal.

Okay, okay.  Enough being amazed by technology.

Knee updates:
the pain, for the most part, is much better.  I’m down to taking one OxyContin (time released version of oxycodone) at night, and lots and lots of ibuprofen during the day (which will help with the swelling, I’m told.)  I am doing my physical therapy, though honestly not as much as I probably should. (It hurts). Next week, I see Dr. Higgins again, and hopefully at that time he’ll clear me to unlock the leg brace, which might mean I’ll be able to drive again.

Other than the pain, the helplessness and trapped feeling that results from being unable to leave the house has been the worst part of this.  Most of the time, I’m really happy to be an extrovert, but times like this, I wish I could be happy just sitting at home “with time to myself”.  Again, counting my blessings, I really was out of it for the first week and a half (if you called me and I don’t remember it, don’t be offended… it’s because I’m not remembering anything from that time… sorry), so the passage of time wasn’t so excruciatingly slow then, but the last two weeks time has dripped by like molasses that’s been cooled in the fridge for several months.  All of this has been exacerbated by the fact that most of my normal craft pursuits are impossible in my limited mobility state.  The sewing machine — she is upstairs.  The stamps and paints and grommets and scissors — they are upstairs.  The beads, they are downstairs.  However, they are in a place where non-bendy leg space makes them inaccessible.  Oh so sad.  Plus, beads really need to be done over a desk or table or some other flatness, which my lap is not, so that they don’t all goes skittering away.

So that leaves me with knitting, which is well and good as I like knitting; however, I don’t yet have the mental stamina to tackle anything more complex than going round and round and round in a circle.  So I’m making a purse to be felted.  I had run out of black wool, but thankfully, my friend Kim is coming over tonight and bringing both Chinese food (yah!) and black wool.  And company.  Blessed, blessed company.

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Mar 15

(No title)

As most of you know, I hate typing.  This is probably the single most important reason that I don’t update my blog very often.  All day, every day at work, I type, and by the end of the day I am just plain sick of it.

… and my fingers hurt (moan and whine)

So, this is a test.  I have bought Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 8.  I am attempting to to dictate this entry, though I’ve had to cheat twice.  I’m not sure yet how to make Dragon soft used to my parenthetical statements, as they seem to be confusing it.

That being said, for the most part, the bloody sucker seems to be working very very well.  Many moons ago, I had purchased a speech recognition software package, but it didn’t work at all.

I still have to talk more slowly than I would normally, but that’s not saying a lot since I’ve been told.  I speak to quickly anyway.  It’s probably not a bad thing for me to learn to enunciate and speak more slowly, at least when I want to.

Theoretically, this will get better the longer I go on as long as I’m patient with correcting it, which I will try to be.  At least it doesn’t sass me.  ;-)

Color me astonished.  It knows what I mean when I say quote “winky-face

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Mar 10

MetaMetaMetaMetaMetaMeta Meta

Now look who’s cool… *I’m* blogging mckenzee blogging jason0x21 blogging Wonkette blogging CNN blogging Kos blogging Feingold’s blogging:

“‘joe klien’: now she’s reading us kos’s thoughts on feingold’s blogging”

Hot Potato! Hot Potato! Don’t drop it! (and link me :-)

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Mar 09

Things I’ve learned

  1. The keys to making a Wendy’s Mandarin Chicken Salad food:
    -drain the sucker. Take the lid, use it as a strainer thing, and dump out all the extraneous liquid that’s probably accumulated at the bottom.
    -use all the crunchies
    -don’t skimp on the dressing
    -don’t feel you have to eat all the chicken. Some of it will be odd, having sat in the liquid mentioned above.
  2. Getting *into* the shower when you are mobility-compromised is *NOT* the same from a physics perspective as getting *out* of the shower. Think this through before attempting same.
  3. Big metal leg braces *can* be modified to better fit your leg, even if your leg is not stick straight and five feet long (which is the athletic sort this brace seems designed to fit). The “sticks” (the metal uprights that run along the inside and outside of your leg) can be bent. The velcro bands can be cut, so that they can close around your ankles without overlapping for half again their length. Do these things before you wear the brace for a week and a half. You’ll be much happier.
  4. Get extra Ace-or-their-equivalent bandages. Your physical therapist probably has some on hand he’ll give you, if you ask nicely. It’s nice being able to alternate them through the wash.
  5. Flannel sheets, whilst nice under normal circumstances, are Not So Great when you’re sleeping in a biggum brace that almost guarantees that you’ll not flip once during the evening. Puddley flannel. Ick.
  6. Friends are *wonderful*. Friends that bring you treats are irreplaceable. Friends that’ll come over and keep you company when you’re all loopy on codeine are priceless. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.
  7. Irish Cream with cookie dough ice cream is the best thing EVAR!

OK, that’s it for now.

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Mar 01

(No title)

More updates.

DANG my KNEE HURTS!!! Went to physio today and stiches were taken out (cried like a little baby girl, I did). Plus did lots of bendy things with my knee that made awful noises and felt worse.

This is going to be a long six weeks (the duration of time I’ll be strapped in this damn brace).

And on knon-knee matters:
I saw something in a movie tonight (the original Thomas Crown Affair, which, unfortunately was one of those movies that move too slowly and bore me, so I didn’t finish it… or maybe that’s just the codeine talking) that made me notice something that used to be commonplace in my life that’s now vanished completely: calling a telephone number to find out the correct time. I used to phone the local time line at least once a month to make sure all my clocks were right, and I’ve not done that in at least 7 years now. Odd.

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