Mar 22

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Via trillian42 and repeated here ’cause one day I’ll want to find it:  Tact Filters.

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  1. a_nightengale

    Where are all these blunt, tactless people hiding? In my own circle of geeks/sf fans/gamers/Pagans, everyone is hyper-polite to the extreme, e.g., prime examples of Geek Social Fallacy #1:


    1. gina

      Ah, that’s the geek-geek interaction tho. ;-)

      No, seriously, I tend to know pretty socially adept folks (particularly considering my peer group has, for the most part, each amassed three+ decades of practice, *and* I self-select for social competence.

      That beign said, I do see this sometimes, *particularly* with geeks I’m NOT friends with (random ppl from work, ppl on mailing lists, etc.). And I’ve definitely seem it in romantic relationships… I come at everything side-wise, whereas I often see a more blunt (=straight-talking, to see it their way) approach.

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