Apr 22

paYpal alternative (edited from when it looked like I was promoting an alternative to new Pope)

There’s a new kid in town (as far as on line payment systems go)…

The key reason to sign up (AFAIK) is that you get $25 in your account for preregistering and (in a classic case of community networking) you get $5 for every person who signs up using your referral code.

Here’s my Green Zap referral page.

Not much to lose it seems to me…

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  1. xaviermusketeer

    This was posted yesterday in : http://archives.zinester.com/56365/43947.html

    1. xaviermusketeer

      1. gina

        Ok that’s odd… (and they didn’t ask for any bank info from me)… will investigate more.

      2. a_nightengale

        They don’t ask for bank details, just name, email and snail mail.

  2. girlpurple


    So, your subject line made me think… “Wow, an alternative to the new evil pope?” until I realized that it was a typo of paypal ;-)

    1. thebroomecloset

      Re: *Giggle*

      Same here. :)

      1. a_nightengale

        Re: *Giggle*

        glad I’m not the only one. :)

        1. gina

          Re: *Giggle*

          ROTFLOL. Editors. ;-)

      2. gina

        Re: *Giggle*

        Hm. Wonder if I’m going to hell now?

    2. gina

      Re: *Giggle*

      Like I said, just call me “George Ringo III” ;-)

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