Apr 29

5 Questions

from mckenzee
1. Dessert?
2. Do you have any allergies?
Only two: the indoors and the outdoors (dust, pollen, dander)
3. If we met and I had a limp, moist handshake, would you be disturbed?
Though I am ashamed to admit it, probably yes. I am sure I’d get over it, though!
4. A man in a fedora is standing in the rain, struggling to light a cigarette. What music is playing?
You know I am getting completely stuck on this one…the radio in my head is *very* loud and quite insistent, and since “Whenever You’re Away from Me” from Xanadu (which I saw at the Carolina Theatre last weekend) is currently stuck in it, that’s what’s playing. At least it’s the right era in style (late 40’s-early 50’s), if not in tone (too chipper).
5. Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful?
Pretty sure there’s a movie reference here I’m missing, but I’ll take a stab anyway… I am experienced. I have been experienced. I’m beautiful (in my own way, or at least that’s what Ray Stevens says), and have perhaps been…erm, elevated. :-)

And now you comment to this post and i will ask you five burning questions. You then post the questions and answers in your journal so everyone can learn a bit more about you too.  (Yes, we’ve played this one before, but this time I’m having a rainy Friday.)

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  1. a_nightengale

    Sure, interview me. :)

    1. gina

      1. What (if anything) squicks you out?
      2. What song will cheer you up?
      3. What have you been afraid to say?
      4. Do you have any turns of phrase that consistenly amuse people?
      5. If you could become instantly proficient at anything, what would you choose?

  2. badger

    Re #5, I want to say it’s not a movie reference, unless it’s a movie about Jimi Hendrix :).

  3. ferociousbcycad

    oh, y’re experienced, baby. …stoned _and_ beautiful…

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