May 17

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meep, this one is for you:

(I was cleaning out old files from when I was a PR geek and found this clipping, based on a release I did while working in the NCSSM communications office.  A little bizarre that she and I now keep up with each other via LJ, but par for the course for my life, I suppose.)

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  1. meep


    I’ve got a few copies of that article at home.

    I was somewhat ticked at the reporter I talked to. The other guy from NC who won and I both talked to her for about a half hour, and let me tell you — I had NO problem learning because my family moved around alot. Indeed, every move was a boost to my education, and I remember making that point — that I moved to NC just in time to apply for NCSSM.

    Let’s just say she creatively quoted me, too. My dad did ask me how I thought the universe was created, and he always said “The universe is stranger than we can understand.” And then he would talk about his dream to be an underwater farmer.

    I thought the stuff I told her was far more interesting than what ended up in the paper. But I guess her agenda was that I shouldn’t come off as strange.

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