May 17

One more oddity

Of late, I’ve been watching Sex & the City (yes, I know, I’m like 40 million years *after* the fact on this one, but they’re on TBS now!) and at this point in the series Carrie is dating “the Russian,” played by Mikhail Baryshnikov.  The whole time I am watching these episodes I’m thinking to myself “he’s vaguely familiar”, but attributing that to the fact that he’s Mikhail Baryshnikov and that I’ve seen him in other things before.


(ok, the ellipses are [ellipsis is?] a complete cop-out as far as narrative structure goes, but I’m tired)

When I was at Duke, I worked in Tech Support to earn spending money.  Mostly I did light hangs and sound checks, but every once in a while, Mark Kitchens, the Tech Support manager would call me with an interesting opportunity, like working a show (I saw Fine Young Cannibals, amongst others, that way).

Early1 one Saturday morning, Mark called me and said he had a gig for me that he was _sure_ that I’d want to take, but he wouldn’t tell me what it was.  I trusted him though, so I got dressed and headed over to the office to see what needed doing.

There was a VCR that needed setting up.  In a guest room at the Washington Duke Inn.  In Mikhail Baryshnikov’s2 guest room at the Washington Duke Inn.

Yes, I met him.  Yes, he’s just as …mmmmm…. in person.  Yes, it took me three episodes to put the two and two together to get the four.  :-)

1 Back then, as now, “early” means anything prior to 8:30am.  That’s not to say that I get up at 8:30, oh no…in fact, I often get up much later than that.  But when I have to *do* anything before 8:30, then I consider it “early” (and try to avoid it whenever possible).

2He was on campus doing Stephen Berkoff’s “Metamorphosis,” based on the Kafka novel.

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  1. shipofools999

    I too am catching up with Sex in the City. And yes, he is …mmmmm. I kept the episode he first dated Carrie on my TiVo to play the end over and over again. *le sigh*

    1. gina

      He was cute in person too…mmmmm… :)

  2. grumpywitch

    Coolness! I was doing costumes on another show that was running at the same time so I got to meet him as well. And Rene Auberjonois.

    1. gina

      That’s right — I’d forgotten you’d done that — cool!

  3. jklgoduke


    White Nights. Need I say any more?

    I remember seeing Metamorphosis. I also had the good fortune to see Baryshnikov dance live, when he visited my home town.
    And oddly enough, I have a cousin who looks rather like him. Only with a little pot-belly.

    1. gina

      Re: mmmmmmmmm

      !!! wow.

      cousin, eh? ;-)

  4. Anonymous

    And there I was assuming it would have been someone from REM. Or Sting. :-)

    — Phil

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