May 27


iRobot Scooba

oh my. Perhaps a little flying duster next, and my life would be complete.

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  1. ferociousbcycad

    you put html into y’r YIM status msg. this may snd silly, but i’ve never seen that before…way kewl! ;)

    1. gina

      Yahoo allows it, Trillian doesn’t. It’s just plain cut-n-paste too — don’t have to add the actual HTML.
      Heading off into the city now for shopping. Meeting Perry at 6 – :)

      1. ferociousbcycad

        Give the boy a hug+kiss for moi!

  2. editgirl

    I want one too!!

    What am I saying? I already have one. It’s my husband. he’s totally in charge of floors.

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