Monthly Archive: July 2005

Jul 25

Fear ye! Fear ye!

According to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, I can now ride a motorcycle well enough to be licensed.

Which, for the record, I don’t plan on doing any time soon! Full story behind the cut…

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Jul 15

Caution: Objects in Head Are Much Smaller Than They Appear

So, I both love it — and am incredibly chagrined — when things that seem *difficult* and *imposing* and *time-consuming* turn out to be *easy* and *simple* and *quick*.

…Before the recent trip to Europe (I’m going to pimp those pictures every opportunity I get  ;-)  I had bought a flip-up LCD screen from Hoodman, and the trip was the first time I’d used it (yes, bringing new gear on a trip is Not So Bright, but, anyway…). Sadly, it promptly busted.

Calling them to explain the issue has been on “the list” since I got home.  Every few hours I look at the list, think “oh yeah, I should do that now”… and then shy away from it.  Silly, really.

So I finally called them all full of trepidation at having to explain how I’d managed to break the little beastie right after getting it and they answer and I start to sidle into the breakage issue, when he said: 

“Yep — we had a batch where the assembler stressed that little tab.  We’ll send you a new one.”


and :-(  for being so silly in the first place.

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Jul 11

(No title)

HA!  I have successfully managed to customize the Gallery application that I’m using to manage my photos to show my left hand nav.  This is a Very Big Deal, as it was rather tricky (to me) HTML that’s full of nested tables that are split into multiple documents and CSS (which I’m only slightly conversant in).  IOW, the undertaking was chock full of the very sorts of thing that usually make my brain break!  But I’ve done it (and correctly, even, I think) and I couldn’t be more pleased.

If you notice brokenness, please send me a note or leave a comment.  But be nice, ’cause I’ll be a little crushed.

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Jul 11

Euro snippet #1

So we were in Luxembourg (I’m sure one of those photos is of Luxembourg  ;-) having eaten at a really neat restaurant called Chiggeri where we had gratins with cheese-of-your-choosing (St. Something-or-other-for-me, Rebluchon for Jeff) — mmmmmmm — and had gone to get ice cream (actually we were after italian “ice”, but found something that wasn’t quite that) when we heard a band playing.  It was a swing band and the tune was familiar.  Very familiar.

It was Radar Love(1), by Golden Earring.  Truly surreal.  And pretty darn good, actually… translates nicely to a swing band.

(1) Ok, I admit it, I thought it was “Red Hot Love”… I know that it is was Radar Love, but apparently it’s filed in my head under Red Hot Love.

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Jul 10


Ze photos.  Zey are up.

Commentary (maybe) to follow.

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