Jul 10


Ze photos.  Zey are up.

Commentary (maybe) to follow.

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  1. lilbluebus

    Those are wonderful photos, you have a great talent. I didn’t even know you were into photography.

    1. gina

      Gosh, Dallas, that’s very kind. Thank you! (I’m technically a nightmare about photography… the whole f-stop/inversed with (somehing?) relationship befuddles me. I tend to think in terms of “If I make this number smaller, the background will be fuzzy” ;-)

      On the list of “to do”s is a real photography class. It might help.

  2. humblepie

    Welcome back! And thank you for sharing the photos.

    1. gina

      Thanks for looking at them! I wish I could say I was glad to be home, but…. ;-)

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