Jul 15

Caution: Objects in Head Are Much Smaller Than They Appear

So, I both love it — and am incredibly chagrined — when things that seem *difficult* and *imposing* and *time-consuming* turn out to be *easy* and *simple* and *quick*.

…Before the recent trip to Europe (I’m going to pimp those pictures every opportunity I get  ;-)  I had bought a flip-up LCD screen from Hoodman, and the trip was the first time I’d used it (yes, bringing new gear on a trip is Not So Bright, but, anyway…). Sadly, it promptly busted.

Calling them to explain the issue has been on “the list” since I got home.  Every few hours I look at the list, think “oh yeah, I should do that now”… and then shy away from it.  Silly, really.

So I finally called them all full of trepidation at having to explain how I’d managed to break the little beastie right after getting it and they answer and I start to sidle into the breakage issue, when he said: 

“Yep — we had a batch where the assembler stressed that little tab.  We’ll send you a new one.”


and :-(  for being so silly in the first place.

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  1. sarah_ovenall

    so how did you like the LCD hood before it broke?

    awesome photos! I hadn’t had a chance to look at them before now, so I’m really glad you posted the link again.

    1. gina

      Well, the 20 minutes I had with it were nice, but I don’t feel like I have enough data to really judge. Should get new one soon. Remind me and I’ll report back.

      And thanks for the kind words about the photos!

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