Aug 04

Another Europe story…

This one in HTML format, as I needed a table.

The Great Language Acquisition Experiment

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  1. Anonymous

    Point It

    I think it was ~1989 when I first saw a review of a similar item — a laminated folding sheet of ~400 icons (not photos) to represent many things you’d need to say or ask while traveling in foreign countries.

    Made me think of Koko the Gorilla. I was surprised that it didn’t catch on. But apparently the concept is still well and alive oggi.


    1. gina

      Re: Point It

      Nice! Sicilian!

      But now I need the other umpteen words in Sicilian so I am inspired to add rows for them ;-)

  2. jklgoduke

    One time at an Odyssey of the Mind after-event dinner, for some reason we started going around the table (15-20 people) with each person saying “Thank you” in a different language. I think we made it all the way around. My contribution was modern Greek /ef-kar-ee-sto/.

    1. gina

      Which syllable is accented?


      Yes, I don’t use proper phonetics. so very sad. U no wat I meen

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