Aug 25

Going to NYC

Will be in NYC from Friday (26th) through Labor Day if anyone there wants to grab a drink or whatnot.  Am quite glad to be heading out for a bit.

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  1. meep

    Probably no can do for me, unless you want to do lunch. Do you like sushi?

    Oh, and that bra place is:

    They were on Oprah, and my sister-in-law bought some bras there (expensive, but totally worth it she says.) It’s at the corner of 90th and Madison. Take the 4, 5, or 6 line to 86th Street.

    1. meep

      Oh, and they even do bra alterations.

      1. gina

        Aw fiddle! I shoulda read that before I left the house this morning! Oh well, next time. Thanks for info!

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