Aug 31

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Prefaced: I don’t know a whole lot about this Blingo thing, *but* I do know someone xaviermuskateer who won a $25 gift certificate yesterday!

Here’s the info anyway:

Blingo is a new search engine that gives away prizes every day like Sony PlayStation Portables, Apple iPods, Visa gift cards, a year of free movies at Blockbuster Online, and more.

By joining Blingo Friends you can invite your friends to use Blingo, and when one of them wins a prize you win the same prize. That means if one of your friends wins an iPod, you win one too.

Just click this link to join Blingo Friends (it only takes 15 seconds), or copy it and paste it into your browser: http://www.blingo.com/friends?ref=oicDiy64UDQXbs7x_VZt0ckC7xk

ginathelintqueen and Blingo

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  1. jason0x21

    So what’s their revenue stream? Business plan? How do they make money?

    1. gina

      They get paid for ad placement (just like Google and the rest of them). Here’s a link: http://www.blingo.com/BlingoFactsheet.pdf

      The article I was readiing on Yahoo finance suggested that both this site and ***urgh***insert-name-of-other-search-site-that’s-launched-recently-which-begins-with-an-A are running these promo deals to drive traffic so that they can compete with Google.

      Have seen several references to people *not* getting any more spam and being surprised by that (http://theubergeeks.net/2005/07/13/blingo-bling-bling/)

      You don’t even have to register to win… if you search and you get the “you won” thingie, *then* you give them your info.

      1. xaviermusketeer

        I’ve not gotten any extra spam, and I’ve won 3 movie tickets (which I have in my hands), and most recently the $25 giftcard. 1 movie ticket was won by myself, 2 and the giftcard were won because someone who signed up underneath me won.

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