Sep 08

Look!  New pretties!

I’ve been making collaged pendants and I’m quite excited about them… these are mostly between 1″ and 2″ tall.  Some I’ve put onto ribbons, so they’re ready-to-wear, while others are awaiting their chains/necklaces.

This is the front and back of a single pendant:

And here’s another:

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  1. a_nightengale

    Wow, those are nifty.

    1. gina

      Thank you! :-)

  2. xaviermusketeer

    I like the bug!

    1. thebroomecloset

      Me, too. The bug rocks. ;-)

      1. gina

        Does Lisa’s sister wear jewelry? I could do her a butterfly one…

        1. thebroomecloset

          I don’t think she wears much jewelry, especially now that she’s working as a paramedic full-time, but I’ll ask Lisa to see what she thinks.

    2. gina

      Thank you — he was a stamp (I think it was a US one?)

      1. xaviermusketeer

        I thought I recognized it! I loved those stamps…especially because others who I sent mail to thought they were gross.

  3. larkredblade

    Oooh very cool! I like the 2nd one a lot. :)

    1. gina

      Thank you! I think I’ll try to find more “buggy” pictures, as that one seems to be going over well!

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