Nov 01


This year I carved one of those fake pumpkin things (“funkin”?  That doesn’t sound right, does it?).  Here ’tis:

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  1. Anonymous


    that just CRACKS me up!

  2. mckenzee

    Very nice. Did you see the one Wil Wheaton’s stepson made?


    1. gina

      Thank you!

      Send me a link (Google, normally my dear friend, seems to be torqued at me for the moment)

    2. fmi_agent

      i saw that. he claimed it was evidence of generation gap. just disproved that. or maybe she just proved she’s still a kid at heart :)

      1. gina

        There have been claims that I’m only 11, really.

        That being said, I think it’s prolly reflective of the fact I’ve been “online” since I was 14 or so (the VAXen at NCSSM were all connected, so we “talk”ed … and used emoticons there).

        But then again Wil Wheaton is younger than I, is he not?

        ehn. I’m a kid (who got a Monster Bag of cotton candy at the fair this year — wheee!)

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