Jan 03

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A very worrisome sign I saw in Raleigh… notice the name of the business:

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  1. xaviermusketeer

    Better than a dentist!

  2. meep

    My orthodontist (who I babysat for) was named Dr. Bonebreak. Seriously. He was a nice guy. He had twins.

    Also, one of my dentists when I was a kid was Dr. Neil Diamond. I thought he was the singer for a couple years.

    1. meep

      Whaddyaknow? He has a website: drbonebreak.com

      I still have to wonder where that name came from.

      1. Anonymous

        Really too bad he wasn’t an orthopedist. Perhaps he thought that would be too trite…?

  3. Anonymous

    signs and names

    I once worked at a physic hospital that had a Dr. Looney and Dr. Doctor. It was fun watching new people come in and listen to the intercom, their eyes would get buggy and start to laugh or look frightened.

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